EXO Sehun Workout Routine 2021: Here's How You Can Get the Idol's Sexy Body

EXO Sehun has one of the best physiques in the K-pop industry, and fans have been noticing his amazing body over the past couple of years. Countless photos of the rapper shirtless have been popping up over the internet one after another. Fans just couldn't stop talking about the idol's killer abs and lean body.

If you want to achieve a slender figure and killer abs, check out EXO Sehun's workout routine and diet plan below!

EXO Sehun Workout Routine
(Photo : EXO Facebook)

EXO Sehun Workout Routine

EXO member Sehun maintains his eye-catching physique in a variety of ways, and from the looks of it, his hard work is paying off.

Sehun's workout routine includes dancing, which has been part of his life since his trainee days under SM Entertainment, and maybe even before the company scouted him.

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The male idol has plenty of dancing sessions each week. He and his fellow EXO members would have to rehearse the choreography of their songs before every live performance, and then they would practice the dance moves regularly in the official studio.

EXO Sehun Don't Fight the Feeling
(Photo : EXO Facebook)

EXO's choreographies are known to be very hard, and so it becomes a natural form of workout for the boy group. Their dance rehearsal and practice typically last for an hour or two. So dancing for two hours helps burn a great number of calories, keeping the idols fit and healthy.

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Cardio exercise is also part of EXO Sehun's workout routine. He always spends 20 to 30 minutes of his time doing cardio on the treadmill whenever he visits the gym. In that way, he gets his body warmed up and ready for the following workouts he will perform for the day.

EXO Sehun Workout Routine
(Photo : EXO Facebook)

Moreover, EXO member Sehun does boxing sessions at least three or four times per week. He enjoys learning a lot about boxing. The rapper does 30 minutes to an hour of boxing in each session. During that time, he would do sparring with trainers and punching bags.

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Like other K-pop idols, Sehun also follows a common body-building routine in terms of weight training. This method comprises performing moderate amounts of weights and reps in each set.

EXO Sehun Don't Fight the Feeling
(Photo : EXO Facebook)

EXO Sehun's weight training takes place five days a week, and his daily exercises focus on different parts of the body (chest, back, shoulder, arms, and legs) and last for an hour maximum.

Regarding the rapper's abs workout, he does it twice per week, and he includes it in his workout routine on any day he likes. It would take him 30 minutes to complete this exercise.

EXO Sehun Diet Plan

EXO member Sehun doesn't have a certain diet plan when keeping his body in shape. He is naturally slender so he can eat whatever he desires. He is not as disciplined as his fellow member Kai. Nevertheless, he still includes enough healthy food in his diet.

EXO Sehun Don't Fight the Feeling
(Photo : EXO Facebook)

If you're like Sehun, who has a naturally slim body, then you could also eat however and whatever you like and then exercise to build your muscles. But if you gain weight easily, it's best to monitor your weight and work out regularly.

Most importantly, EXO Sehun drinks lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated since he would often tire his body out because of moving around from one place to another to complete his scheduled activities.

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