EVERGLOW Exclusive Interview: Girl Group Answers Questions Based on the Lyrics of Their Songs

EVERGLOW recently took the time to answer questions KpopStarz created based on the lyrics of their songs, such as "Adios," "Bon Bon Chocolat," "La Di Da," and more! The K-pop girl group also shared whether they will release a new album soon.

Check out EVERGLOW members' answers to our questions below!

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EVERGLOW Exclusive Interview: Sextet Answers Questions Based on the Lyrics of "Bon Bon Chocolat," "Adios" & More

(Q) D+1: Even on a boring day, What do you want to do the most when you are free?

E:U: When I'm free, I want to have more time to communicate with you because it's fun to communicate with you through fan cafe or places where I can communicate with FOREVER! I'm still lacking a lot, but I'll try to get closer to you.

(Q) D+1 : Even on a happy day, Is there any activity you do to keep you happy?

Aisha: Reading letters from Forever or drinking coffee while listening to our songs!

Sihyeon: Keep drinking black tea. Pipo painting in bed after work

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(Q) Adios: I should have been the main character from the beginning. If you could be the main character of the fantasy world, who or what would you like to be?

Mia: I hope that in the fantasy world, I don't think too much about negative things and that I have a personality that can be positive under any circumstances! Like Olaf, for example?

(Q) NO GOOD REASON: You're always spring for me. What is your favorite memory related to the season?

Onda: My favorite season is spring, too! When I was in middle school, I used to go to school in April on the road filled with cherry blossoms, and I think those memories were the most beautiful!

(Photo : Instagram: @official_everglow)

(Q) SALUTE: You and I have dreamed of a new world for us. What do you think the perfect world looks like?

Aisha: Everyone smiles and does what they want to do and shares positive energy.

(Q) ADIOS: Goodbye, au revoir, adiós. Who or what was the last person to say goodbye?

Yiren: I spent my busy and hard days last August.

(Q) LADI DA: Got no time for haters, get rid of everything. What did you block out in your life? (Bad habits, etc.)

E:U: When I was young, I had a habit of biting my nails when I was nervous or anxious, but now I tend to relieve my nervousness or anxiety in other ways. So now I've fixed my bad habit!

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(Q) I'm afraid of you in the past, but know your power. What fears could you overcome?

Sihyeon: I get really nervous when I stand in front of people, but I think stage fright and tension disappeared because of the support and words that you give me when you meet forever.

(Q) DON'T ASK DON'T TELL: Like a dream night. I know you shouldn't, but what's your own fun that you can't give up?

Mia: I think that's what it's like to play games and read webtoons until late at night. I know I'll have a hard time the next day, but it's so much fun to stay up all night playing games and reading webtoons.

(Q) UNTOUCHABLE: Telepathy that only two know makes my heart flutter. What makes your heart flutter?

ONDA: I feel excited and happy when I see new dances these days! I've been practicing jazz-like choreo. Recently, and I don't think I can do it, but I'm happy and excited to complete something!

(Photo : Instagram: @official_everglow)

(Q) GXXD BOY: Let's look into each other's eyes, shall we steal your heart, the moment you fall for me. What do you think is your own charm that people fall for?

Yiren: I think it's eyes that change depending on the mood of the song.

(Q) BON BON CHOCOLAT: Time to face you that you didn't even know. What are some goals that you haven't achieved yet?

E:U: I have a goal of doing a solo performance with the song I made. I still have a lot to learn, but I really want to achieve it at least once!

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(Q) PROMISE: Promise to (YOU). What did you keep your promise to yourself when you were young? What can you promise your fans that you will show them in the future?

Sihyeon: When I was young, I always lived thinking that I should show myself to people when I grow up. Like this, I always live with a goal. In the future, I'll show you how hard I live to the point where you can feel that you're better now. Please look forward to it.

(Q) DUN DUN: You left my name in your heart. Please leave a message that you want the fans to keep.

Mia: I like you a lot and I love you!

EVERGLOW Reveals Their Comeback Plans after the Release of Their "Last Melody" Album

Apart from giving EVERGLOW questions based on the lyrics of their songs, KpopStarz also grabbed the chance to ask the girl group about their comeback plans during the exclusive interview.

(Photo : Instagram: @official_everglow)

In particular, KpopStarz asked EVERGLOW whether they plan on releasing a new album after "Last Melody," which was released in May of this year.

EVERGLOW member Onda replied, "It's still a secret!" But she did share that they are currently preparing to come back with better songs and performances, so fans should anticipate it.

For more news updates about other K-Pop news, always keep your tabs open here at Kpopstarz.

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