MAMAMOO Reveals 'Best Album' Scheduler, Launching Their Comeback Countdown

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MAMAMOO released a new scheduler and started a full comeback countdown.

MAMAMOO published the comeback scheduler for their upcoming album "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST," which will be released on September 15 at 6:00 PM (KST) on their official SNS on September 4.

MAMAMOO The Best Album
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MAMAMOO's Activities before their Comeback

The published scheduler says that from September 5 to September 7, the group will be warming up for their comeback. It will start with a concept photo where the viewer can feel the sensual mood of the new album.

MAMAMOO The Best Album Scheduler
(Photo : Twitter: @RBW_MAMAMOO)

After that, the track list will be released on September 8, the highlight medley on September 9, and the concept photos that feature MAMAMOO's colorful charm from September 11 to 13 will be released afterwards.

Furthermore, different teasing contents that were related to the new album, like a spoiler film on September 13 and a music video teaser on September 14 will be released accordingly, thus raising the expectations for a comeback to a higher level.

Particularly, on September 10, fans' curiosity will increase as the release of special content hidden in the image in the striped pattern is being foreshadowed.

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The Best Album Commemorates MAMAMOO's seven years together

MAMAMOO's new album "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST," which comes back after 3 months since the mini-album "WAW" in June, is an album that celebrated the brilliant footsteps of MAMAMOO, who have been working nonstop ever since their debut.

Mamamoo, beautiful smile… ‘M Countdown’ Encouragement of live shooters
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The album's name added a deeper meaning. It also announces the birth of an all-time album that contains the seven years of activities with the wide range of musical capabilities and unbeatable charm that MAMAMOO has shown during their seven years.

The album contains newly arranged and re-recording of their hit songs that received lots of love. Among them is the unreleased new song "Sky, Earth, and Ocean" and also the hidden track "Obviously We Were Good Back Then." The songs were pre-released during the online concert.

Furthermore, the fans will be able to listen to a new version of MAMAMOO's color in their collaboration with other artists.

MAMAMOO debuted in 2014, their hit songs are "Mr. Ambiguous," "Piano Man," "Um Oh Ah Yeh," "Decalcomanie," "If it's Like Me," "Starry Night," "You Do It," "Ding Ga Dinga," "AYA," and the recently released "Where Are We Now." The girl group is now spreading their worldwide influence beyond Korea.

(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

Particularly, all four members of MAMAMOO are active not only in album activities, but also in different fields like entertainment programs, and radio hosts. They established themselves as "separately and together." But still, the group's bond is still solid.

MAMAMOO's best album "I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST" will be released on September 15 at 6 PM (KST) on different online music platforms.

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