JYPn Jinni and Sullyoon Could be JYP Entertainment’s New Sana and Tzuyu — Here’s Why

JYPn members Jinni and Sullyoon could potentially be JYP Entertainment's new Sana and Tzuyu (from TWICE). Want to know why? Keep on reading for all the details!

JYPn Jinni and Sullyoon Could be JYP Entertainment’s New Sana and Tzuyu — Here’s Why
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Could JYPn Jinni and Sullyoon Be The New Sana and Tzuyu?

JYP Entertainment's new girl group, JYPn (tentative name), has not debuted, yet they have already attracted the attention of K-pop enthusiasts. On South Korean online community forums, many people have specifically praised two members JYPn — Jinni, and Sullyoon. In addition, people praise their stunning visuals, with people saying their looks contrast one another well.

Jinni has a strong, sharp, and charismatic aura, with many people comparing her to a cat or a fox. In contrast, Sullyoon impressed people with her innocence, calmness, and feminine energy, causing people to compare her to a puppy or a rabbit.

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People have started comparing the similarities of the Jinnie and Sullyoon pair with the Sana and Tzuyu pair from TWICE. Similar to Jinni and Sullyoon, Sana and Tzuyu have contrasting visuals that complement each other well. While Sana's aura is sexy and charismatic while she is on stage, Tzuyu is known for her gentle and elegant visuals.

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Many are expecting Jinni and Sullyoon to follow in the footsteps of their seniors and become the most popular "opposite" visual couple in the fourth generation of K-pop. The opposing auras of the two JYP Entertainment rookies can be an essential factor in the team and help boost the group's popularity.

While it is unsure if the whole line-up for JYPn has been announced, people say that this new girl group is already perfect. Previously, people have left comments saying that Jinni resembles Sana, while others say that Sullyoon is like the Korean version of Tzuyu, who hails from Tzuyu.

Sana Tzuyui
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Sana and Tzuyu

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Notably, both Jinni and Sullyoon were born in 2004, following the footsteps of '04 lines with goddess-like visuals. Other '04 liner idols known for their visuals include former IZ*ONE member Jang Wonyoung, STAYC members J and Yoon, and Cherry Bullet member May.

Do you think Jinni and Sullyoon could be the new Sana and Tzuyu? Tell us in the comments below!

About JYPn

JYPn is the tentative name for JYP Entertainment's upcoming girl group slated to make their debut in February 2021. Currently, the group consists of Jinni, Kyujin, Jiwoo, and Sullyoon. However, it is unsure if more members will be joining the line-up as of the time of writing.

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Prior to revealing the members of JYPn, JYP Entertainment announced pre-orders for a "Blind Package" for the group.

Unfortunately, pre-orders were only open for ten days, from July 16 to 25. Those who purchased the album did so without knowing who the members are and are scheduled to receive the "Blind Package" in 2022 when JYPn makes their debut.

The album contains photo cards, photo books, CDs, posters, polaroids, and membership cards.

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