'Running Man' Star Ji Seok Jin is Afraid to Text BTS' Jin First — Here's Why

Ji Seok Jin reveals why he is actually afraid of texting BTS Jin first. 

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'Running Man' Star Ji Seok Jin Reveals the Reason He is Afraid to Text BTS' Jin 

Recently, "Running Man" star, Ji Seok Jin, made a guest appearance on the September 7 episode of KBS2's program "Problem Child in the House," after being invited on the show by his long-time friend and host, Kim Yong Man. During his appearance, Ji Seok Jin talked about his relationship with BTS' oldest member, Jin, who he shares the same name with.

At one point in the show during a quiz, the hosts and Ji Seok Jin found out that BTS uses oxygen respirators once they return backstage after their performances. Upon learning this heartbreaking fact, the hosts were shocked and commented, "That is really professional of them, but really sad. No wonder they are so loved all over the world."

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BTS Jin, Ji Seok Jin
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While they were talking about BTS, the hosts asked Ji Seok Jin about his relationship with Jin. To which Ji Seok Jin became shy and said, "It is quite embarrassing for me to say that we are close. We had only exchanged our phone numbers."

Ji Seok Jin then surprised viewers by revealing he is actually afraid to text Jin first. "I mean, every now and then we do text each other, but I am worried that me talking about him will have a negative influence on BTS or Jin," said Ji Seok Jin.

Ji Seok Jin also shares that Jin contacts him despite having a busy schedule. "Even though Jin is busy, he sometimes sends me photos when he is in the United States and stuff. It has probably been a few months since we last spoke though," added Ji Seok Jin.

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Due to BTS' busy schedules, Ji Seok Jin can't even imagine how hectic their life must be. Hence, Ji Seok Jin tries not to bother him by not texting him first.

Ji Seok Jin also mentioned about the time he sang a cover of BTS' hit 2020 song release, "Dynamite," during his appearance on the variety show, "How Do You Play?"

"I didn't know the song so I sang it awfully. I felt really bad so I sent Jin a message and he responded with, 'No, I am thankful that you brought attention to our song again'," to which Ji Seok Jin had praised his personality.

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(Photo : Twitter: @bts_twt)

Before ending the topic, Ji Seok Jin sent Jin a short video message, saying, "Jin, I am supporting you from afar. The reason I haven't been calling you is so that you can work harder, and in case I bother you. You are splendid. You, as well as your members, are the pride of Korea."

Meanwhile, Ji Seok Jin and Jin first met when BTS made a guest appearance on "Running Man" back in 2016. Since then, the two have frequently kept in touch with each other.

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