Kang Daniel 'PARANOIA,' GFRIEND 'MAGO,' and More Are the 'Go-To Idol Songs for Tasty Beats'

As a result of the poll StarPlay held from Aug. 24 to Sept. 7, fans' "go-to idol songs for tasty beats" were determined, and the list included tracks by both solo artists and idol groups including Kang Daniel, GFRIEND, and more.

The "Go-To Idol Songs for Tasty Beats" are the upbeat tracks that seem to awaken the senses of the whole body just by listening to them on boring days. They have the power to captivate people's attention through their addictive melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Top 10 Energizing K-pop Songs
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Kang Daniel PARANOIA Chosen as the Best Energizing K-pop Song

Taking first place on the StarPlay poll is Kang Daniel's "PARANOIA." The track accounted for 47.32% of the total votes.

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"PARANOIA" is Kang Daniel's first solo release this year. It has an addicting melody and its lyrics talk about dealing with the pain, torment, and conflict he experienced in life.

Kang Daniel
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This single served as the preview of Kang Daniel's subsequent album "YELLOW," which is part of the idol's color trilogy, which includes "CYAN" and "MAGENTA."

At the time of its release in February, Kang Daniel's "PARANOIA" took the top of major Korean music charts such as Genie and Bugs and earned four trophies on different music shows.

Not only that, but "PARANOIA" also ranked first on iTunes Song charts in 10 regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia. And, its music video surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in just 49 hours.

GFRIEND MAGO Chosen as the Second Energizing K-pop Song

Coming after "PARANOIA" is GFRIEND's "MAGO," which is the group's last release together before their disbandment in May of this year. "MAGO" is a disco genre song about becoming in charge of your own life. Members Yuju, Umji, and Eunha participated in writing the lyrics for the track.

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"MAGO" serves as the title track for GFRIEND's third full-length album "Walpurgis: Night," dropped in November 2020. The girl group won two music show trophies with this song.

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GFRIEND's "MAGO" was also considered as one of the best 2020 songs by critics and publications including Billboard, Buzzfeed, Time, Dazed, and more.

AB6IX SALUTE Chosen as the Third Best Energizing K-pop Song

Sitting in third place is AB6IX's "SALUTE," which is the title song of the boy group's third mini-album of the same name, released in November 2020.

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"SALUTE" is a bold hip-hop song marked by a catchy bassline and a rich drum sound. It debuted at No. 9 on Genie Music and No. 17 on Bugs shortly after its release.

AB6IX performed "SALUTE" when they appeared at the 2021 K-pop SuperFest held in June of this year.

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Here are the Top 10 Best Upbeat Songs to Listen to on Boring Days:

  1. Kang Daniel PARANOIA
  4. MONSTA X Love Killa
  5. ENHYPEN Drunk-Dazed
  6. BLACKPINK How You Like That
  7. Dreamcatcher BEcause
  8. ITZY Mafia in the Morning
  9. LOONA PTT (Paint the Town)

Which one of these songs do you listen to when you're feeling bored?

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Written by Mhaliya Scott

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