OMEGA X Breaks Own First-Week Sales Record on Hanteo Chart with 'WHAT'S GOIN' ON'

OMEGA X has attained their new highest first-week sales record on the Hanteo Chart with their first single album "WHAT'S GOIN' ON."

On Sept. 6, the new K-pop boy group OMEGA X returned with "WHAT'S GOIN' ON." The album features the title song of the same name, which is produced by TRACK 9 and AnoTHeR.

OMEGA X What's Goin' On
(Photo : OMEGA X Facebook)

"WHAT'S GOIN' ON" marks OMEGA X's first comeback in almost three months since their debut in late June.

OMEGA X's First Week Sales Record on Hanteo Chart with WHAT'S GOIN' ON Proves Their Growth in Fame

On Sept. 13, Spire Entertainment announced the first-week sales of OMEGA X's comeback album "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" on the Hanteo Chart. The counting period took place from Sept. 6 to 12.

On Sept. 8, "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" ranked first on the real-time album chart of Hanteo, as well as on the Gaon Retail Album Chart.

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On the first day of sales (Sept. 6), OMEGA X saw a slight increase compared to the first-day sales of their previous release "VAMOS" in June of this year.

OMEGA X's comeback album sold 3,641 copies on Day 1, while "VAMOS" sold 3,032 copies.

OMEGA X What's Goin' On
(Photo : OMEGA X Facebook)

According to Spire Entertainment, OMEGA X's first-week sales for "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" totaled 48,972 copies - more than quadruple of the first-week sales record of 11,544 copies set by "VAMOS."

OMEGA X proved their rapid growth within three months of their debut by breaking their own best record in first-week sales through "WHAT'S GOIN' ON."

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Previously, the new boy group's debut album "VAMOS" was sold out. A total of 20,000 copies of the album were shipped.

(Photo : OMEGA X Twitter)

And considering that their first-week sales record with "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" is a lot higher than their sold-out album "VAMOS," OMEGA X's popularity undeniably improved significantly.

Congratulations to the new K-pop boy group OMEGA X!

OMEGA X WHAT'S GOIN ON Debuts on the Gaon Chart + New Music Video Gains Millions of Views in a Few Days

In other news, OMEGA X's comeback album "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" made it to the latest Gaon Retail Album Chart for the week ending on Sept. 11.

OMEGA X What's Goin' On
(Photo : Twitter: @OmegaX_official)

On the chart, "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" debuted at No. 5 after selling 9,951 copies in South Korea. This is their first time to sell over 3,000 copies on the Gaon Chart in the first week. Their previous work "VAMOS" only sold 3,190 copies in June.

Additionally, it is OMEGA X's first time to debut inside the Top 5 of the Gaon Retail Album Chart, since "VAMOS" ranked ninth in June.

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When it comes to views on YouTube, the music video for OMEGA X's "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" is garnering millions of views per day since it was dropped on Sept. 6.

OMEGA X What's Goin' On
(Photo : Twitter: @OmegaX_official)

The "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" MV was the second most-viewed music video by a K-pop artist on Sept. 7 and 8. On Sept. 9, it was the fourth most-viewed K-pop MV, while it was the fifth most-viewed on Sept. 10.

As of Sept. 13 at 8:30 p.m. KST, OMEGA X's "WHAT'S GOIN' ON" MV has surpassed 7.7 million views.

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