BoA Net Worth 2021: How Rich is the 'Queen of K-pop'?

BoA is one of the senior artists who paved the way for the success of today's most popular K-pop groups. Since she made her debut at the early age of 13, she steadily shone throughout her career. As a singer, dancer, composer, and actress, how much has the "Queen of K-pop" earned?

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BoA Net Worth

BoA is one of the most successful and influential Korean stars in history. She has spent 21 years of her life in the K-pop industry.

Through her activities as a singer and actress, BoA's net worth reached 25 million USD. She is ultimately one of the wealthiest K-pop idols at present.

How Did BoA's Net Worth Get Big?

One of the aspects that led BoA's net worth to get huge is her successful singing career for two decades already.

(Photo : Instagram: @boakwon)

BoA, also known as Kwon Boah, only trained for two years before making her debut in August 2000. Her multilingual skills are attributed to her commercial success across East Asia outside of South Korea such as Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore.

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Since she entered the world of K-pop, she has released 20 studio albums, including 10 in Korean, nine in Japan, and one in English. She has sold millions of singles and albums domestically and internationally.

In particular, BoA is the only foreign artist to have three albums that sell over one million copies in Japan alone, and also one of the three female artists to have six consecutive No. 1 studio albums on the Oricon charts since she debuted.

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She basically introduced K-pop to the Japanese market, one of the biggest in the world, and made SM Entertainment well-known.

In addition to this, Kwon Boah has held numerous tours in Japan and Asia since 2003, and they were all packed with thousands of audiences.

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Apart from singing, BoA's net worth is highly affected by her activities in various fields such as acting, hosting, and doing comedy in variety shows in South Korea, which make her a multitalented artist.

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She appeared in a Hollywood film titled "Make Your Move 3D"; Korean movies including "Venus Talk," "Autumn Sonata"; K-dramas like "Athena: Goddess of War" and "Listen to Love";" and many more.

When it comes to hosting or acting as a judge, BoA participated in television shows like the first and second seasons of "K-pop Star," the second season of "Produce 101," "The Voice of Korea 2020," and her latest project is the "Street Woman Fighter."

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Many can argue that BoA's success as a then-teenager helped SM Entertainment debut both TVXQ and Super Junior, and other subsequent SM idol groups.

(Photo : Instagram: @boakwon)

Kwon Boah is also one of the shareholders of SM Entertainment for years. At that time she renewed her contract with the company in 2006, her holdings totaled approximately one million USD, which is almost four times the amount of the label's stock that year.

In 2019, she purchased more shares in SM Entertainment. It was announced that she bought 7,000 stocks from the agency by exercising her employee stock option. Her shares in the label rose from 0.01% to 0.04%.

In July of this year, BoA purchased 6,000 more shares of SME. She now has 8,153 total shares of the company.

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