Prosecution Drops Charges Against BoA for Importing Drugs

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The prosecution has dismissed the charges brought against BoA after the singer and her staff illegally importing drugs.

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Prosecution Drops Charges Against BoA for Importing Drugs

On June 4, KST, SM Entertainment released a statement following the reports of BoA and staff members being investigated for illegally importing psychotropic drugs into the country back in December 2020.

According to the statement released by the entertainment company, they revealed that the prosecutors have decided not to bring any charges against the "One Shot, Two Shot" singer at the end of last month, May. The staff member who was included in the investigation and sent the psychotropic drugs to South Korea during BoA's Japanese promotions was said to have been unaware of the legal measures that needed to be taken and did not get the proper authorization for medical products.

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Both BoA and the staff member had carefully explained the details regarding the medical prescription, how they had sent the drug overseas, and the situation regarding the official procedures, and participated in the investigation faithfully.

BoA Under Investigation for Illegally Importing Psychotropic Drugs

Back on December 17, 2020, SBS's "8 O'Clock News" had reported that a Korean Wave star was questioned and investigated by the prosecution on December 16, under the suspicions of secretly importing a psychotropic drug - including Zolpidem, which is a medication used for sleeping issues - from overseas.

According to the reports, the Korean Wave star had received a prescription for the psychotropic drugs back in Japan through a staff member from their agency's Japanese branch. The prescribed psychotropic drugs were reportedly discovered during a customs search when it was being brought into South Korea under the name of a Korean staff member.

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In addition, it was reported that the prosecution would decide whether or not to make an indictment after taking into consideration the different factors, such as whether the Korean Wave star had been intentionally smuggling the drug into the country.

Following reports of the psychotropic drug being imported, SM Entertainment had issued a statement that confirms that the report was referring to their artist, BoA and that the situation had occurred due to a mistake made by a staff member.

According to SM Entertainment's statement, the mistake occurred due to their staff member having been unaware of the customs clearance procedures, and apologized for the concern caused regarding the mistake. While it is true that staff members shipped the medicine without following proper procedures, they did not intend to smuggle the drug illegally.

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On the use of the psychotropic drug, Zolpidem, BoA had received a medical examination and was told by the doctor that the singer needed sufficient sleep due to a decrease in her growth hormone, and on the advice of the doctor, BoA took the prescribed sleeping pills.

Meanwhile, BoA made her debut at the age of 13 in 2000 and has been active in Japan and is known as the "Star of Asia."

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