EXO Kai Reveals He Deleted All His Social Media Accounts after Joining SM Entertainment - Here's Why

After signing an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, EXO Kai quickly deleted all of his social media accounts. Keep on reading to know why.

Here's Why EXO Kai Deleted All Social Media Account after Signing with SM Entertainment

Many EXO-Ls know that Kai became an SM trainee in 2007 when he was only 13 years old.

In a new video uploaded to the "M드로메다 스튜디오" YouTube channel, EXO Kai shared that he deleted all of his social media accounts right after joining SM Entertainment.

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In the video, Tak Jae Hoon called Kai to learn about the K-pop industry. As soon as the K-pop idol answered the call, Tak asked him about his secret to his popularity in the K-pop scene.

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EXO member Kai answered that the first thing he did after he joined SM Entertainment is that he deleted all his social media accounts right away.

He explained that he thought using social media would only do more harm than good before he made his debut. He added that using social media might only be a hindrance in the path to his success.

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The "Mmmh" singer then talked about his early debut days, and what is the most important thing he learned.

He shared that EXO made their debut with the song entitled "MAMA," which according to Kai, "didn't do very well."

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EXO Kai unveiled that not only they were not receiving enough response from K-pop fans, but they were also getting a lot of negative comments - which made it difficult for them.

Despite the hardship they were experiencing, Kai realized the most important thing to do back then especially when he was struggling.

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He stated that the most important thing he did before was to show everyone that he is a good person and to be a good person in the future as well.

After five years since becoming an SM trainee, EXO Kai finally joined Instagram in March 2015. His account already amassed over 350,000 followers after its launch.

However, Kai suddenly stopped using the account, and in three years, he created a new Instagram account, which he uses up until now. You can follow him here!

EXO Kai Solo Debut Album Achieves New Record on Spotify

In other news, EXO Kai's first mini-album, "KAI," has attained an impressive record on Spotify.

On Sept. 9, "KAI" surpassed 100 million total streams on Spotify, becoming the fastest album by an SM soloist to do so.

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EXO Kai's solo debut album comprises a total of six songs, with "Mmmh" serving as the title track.

(Photo : Instagram: @zkdlin)

As of Sept. 15, the most-streamed song by Kai is "Mmmh," which has accumulated over 60 million streams. It is Kai's first song to reach this milestone.

Also, "Mmmh" becomes the fastest song by an SM soloist to hit 60 million streams on Spotify, and is also the most-streamed debut song by an SM soloist.

In July of this year, EXO Kai mentioned during a live Instagram broadcast that he is preparing his second album.

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