Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo Faces Financial Difficulties Due to Two Lawsuits by APRIL Members

Lee Hyunjoo reveals she is currently facing two lawsuits by APRIL members in her latest Instagram post.

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Lee Hyunjoo
(Photo : Instagram: @hyun.joo_lee)
Former April Lee Hyunjoo

Lee Hyunjoo Faces Financial Difficulties Due to Two Lawsuits by APRIL Members for Defamation

Around midnight on September 16 KST, former APRIL member, Lee Hyunjoo, took to her personal Instagram account to update fans regarding her ongoing battle with DSP Media and the APRIL members amid the group's bullying controversy.

According to Lee Hyunjoo's lengthy post on Instagram, the former APRIL member revealed that she is currently facing additional lawsuits from two APRIL members, while the criminal lawsuit surrounding her bullying accusations is still ongoing.

"In the case of the criminal case against in which I, my family, and my acquaintances are being sued, we are responding by submitting as much material as we can find," said Lee Hyunjoo, who adds that she is being sued further, hence, the number of cases have increased a bit.

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Lee Hyunjoo
(Photo : Instagram: @hyun.joo_lee)
Former April Lee Hyunjoo

Regarding the lawsuit of Lee Hyunjoo's younger brother, as well as two of her acquaintances, they were previously found "not guilty" in their respective lawsuits filed by DSP Media for defamation. However, an appeal was filed against her younger brother and the prosecution is proceeding with the appeal.

One of her acquaintances was also investigated by the police in the case of defamation, and they are currently waiting for the verdict.

In addition, Lee Hyunjoo was also further sued by DSP Media for obstruction of business. An investigation by the police was conducted, and Lee Hyunjoo was found "not guilty."

"APRIL members 'A' and 'C' had filed additional lawsuits against me for defamation of character, and these two cases are currently being investigated by the police," said Lee Hyunjoo.

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Lee Hyunjoo
(Photo : Instagram: @hyun.joo_lee)
Former April Lee Hyunjoo

With the amount of lawsuits Lee Hyunjoo is facing, she shares that she is currently experiencing financial difficulties to keep up.

"I am currently dealing with so many cases and I admit the cost is considerable and very demanding. I am faithfully responding to the investigation, and as many people support me, I will respond to the lawsuits more resolutely so that I can give you good results," said Lee Hyunjoo.

Regarding the criminal lawsuit surrounding the bullying accusations that was initially raised by Lee Hyunjoo's younger brother, the former APRIL member assures fans that her family is doing their best in the investigation, while also submitting materials applicable.

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Lee Hyunjoo
(Photo : Instagram: @hyun.joo_lee)
Former April Lee Hyunjoo

Lee Hyunjoo also states that she does not wish to disclose her medical records to the public due to its sensitivity. She also denied the rumors that claim she had rejected a summon request for question.

 She also denied past rumors which claimed that she rejected a summon request for questioning, and explained that she does not wish to publicize her medical records, despite some netizens' demands.

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