HyunA and DAWN's 'PING PONG' Music Video Surpasses 10 Million Views

Power couple HyunA and DAWN's first duet song, "PING PONG," has achieved a new milestone!

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HyunA and Dawn
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HyunA and DAWN's PING PONG Music Video Surpasses 10 Million Views on Youtube

In the morning of September 18 KST, HyunA and DAWN's music label, P Nation, announced that the music video of the couple's first duet song, "PING PONG," had surpassed 10 million views on Youtube.

"PING PONG," which is the title track of HyunA and DAWN's new mini-album "[1+1=1]," was released back in September 9. This means it took the song eight days to reach the milestone.

"PING PONG" is a moombahton dance track that expresses the experiences of a couple in love with vibrant and popping lyrics. Both HyunA and DAWN had participated in writing and composing the song to perfectly capture their individual colors.

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HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @pnation.official)

In particular, the music video for "PING PONG" had received a lot of attention from fans immediately after its release, thanks to HyunA and DAWN's colorful and unique visuals, as well as their "tiki-taka" style of performance.

In addition, the couple's addictive choreography and energetic dance break became a fan-favorite, with HyunA showing off the aura of a trendy K-Pop diva, while DAWN showed off a charm that added to the unique setting.

"PING PONG" is also gaining a lot of love through various social media platforms, with HyunA and DAWN launching the "PING PONG challenge" that became viral as a lot of fans - and even celebrities - were able to participate due to the song's not-too-difficult choreography, and that it can easily be done anywhere.

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HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

Meanwhile, HyunA and DAWN are currently starring in their very own reality show, "I'm Fine Thank You And You?" which is broadcasted by Studio LuluLala through their official Youtube channel.

The reality show is garnering a good response with HyunA and DAWN sharing their everyday life candidly, and are praised for their great relationship and being professional when it comes to work.

Check out the music video for "PING PONG" here:

HyunA and DAWN Talk About Their Love for Each Other

Recently, HyunA and DAWN made a guest appearance on the September 13 broadcast of SBS Power FM's radio show, "Choi Hwa Jeong's Power Time," where the two proved their undying love for each other.

During their appearance, a listener of the show sent in a message that asked the couple not to break up, as it will make them sad if HyunA and DAWN announced the end of their relationship.

In response to the listener's message, DAWN said, "It makes me sad just imagining us breaking up. If we do break up, I would probably burst out crying," showing just how much HyunA means to him.

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HyunA and Dawn
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HyunA then reveals that she has never thought of breaking up with DAWN. "Actually, I have never even thought about breaking up with DAWN."

DAWN also talks fondly about HyunA, sharing how back when he was younger, his mother would introduce him to everyone as a "troublemaker," and would go against people who tries to make him "normal."

"But after I met HyunA, I stopped doing that. She made me feel stable and comfortable at a place where I am. I'm always thinking to myself, 'How much of a troublemaker would I be if I didn't meet HyunA?'," said DAWN.

HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

DAWN added that his mother actually high standards, but she already liked HyunA even before he joined the K-Pop industry, and now, his mother adores her.

HyunA also reveals that her mother is fond of DAWN, and that HyunA's mother is grateful that he greatly takes care of her.

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