HyunA and DAWN Reveal Why They Always Accompany Each Other During Promotions

HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

HyunA and DAWN are joined at the hip and reveal the reason why they always accompany each other.

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'Power Couple' HyunA and DAWN Always Accompany Each Other During Promotions

Recently, K-Pop's "Power Couple" HyunA and DAWN made a guest appearance on the September 9 broadcast of SBS Power FM's radio show, "Cultwo Show," where they shared that they are always together.

During the broadcast, the hosts talked about DAWN unexpectedly joining HyunA on her appearance on the show sometime ago. The hosts asked DAWN, "At that time, were you really just passing by here?"

HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

While laughing, DAWN responded by saying he wasn't, and that he was actually with HyunA then. "Well, not really. It was more like I was already with HyunA then."

He then goes on to reveal that he usually accompanies HyunA all the time. "I come along with HyunA to almost all of the places she went while she was actively promoting her new album," said DAWN.

DAWN also adds that when he was promoting his album, "Dawndididawn," HyunA would also accompany him wherever he went for his schedule.

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HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

Upon hearing this, one of the show's host, Kim Tae Gyun, asked the idol couple if they really love each other, "Do you love each other that much?"

DAWN and HyunA both confirm this, and proves just how much of a power couple they are by explaining why they prefer to accompany each other almost everywhere during their respective schedules.

"Although we are two different people, we both believe that we share the same soul and body," said DAWN, making everyone awe with his admission that HyunA is his soulmate.

HyunA and Dawn
(Photo : Instagram: @hyunah_aa)

HyunA also shares why she wants to have DAWN with her all the time, "I very much prefer to have him around me during my promotions as he always gives me energy."

DAWN agrees and says it is the same for him, as HyunA makes sure he doesn't forget anything. "It is good to have each other because she can help adjust my schedule and she makes sure that I remember the things that I had forgotten," concludes DAWN.

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HyunA and DAWN Release Duet Track 'PING PONG'

Recently on September 9, HyunA and DAWN made their debut as a duo with their new song "PING PONG," which is the title track of their debut mini album "1+1=1."

Lyrically, "PING PONG" is about enjoying and living your life the way you want, which is perfect for the two idols as they practice what they preach!

Check out the colorful and fun music video of "PING PONG" here:

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