#TreatRedVelvetBetter — SM Entertainment in Hot Water Again for Allegedly Mistreating Red Velvet

#TreatRedVelvetBetter and #WhereIsRedVelvet trends on Twitter with people slamming SM Entertainment for allegedly mistreating Red Velvet. Keep reading for all the details!

Why is #TreatRedVelvetBetter Trending?

On October 4, #TreatRedVelvetBetter and #WhereIsRedVelvet started trending on Twitter. Many people took to the platform to complain about SM Entertainment's lack of group activities for Red Velvet. People pointed out that when the girl group promoted Queedom, they only promoted for two weeks. In those two weeks, people noted that they did not get enough content to make up for the nearly two-year hiatus of the group.

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To be specific, people commented that all Red Velvet did for their comeback was appear on Seulgi.zip and their short reality show Queendom Restaurant. The girls did not appear on any other programs, nor did they appear on Dingo Live, Studio Choom, or Mnet's Relay Dance. Supporters of the group complain over the unfairness they are showing to Red Velvet, as aespa and NCT were able to film various content for their comebacks.

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Others complained that SM Entertainment did not produce original content for Red Velvet, such as a music video reaction or dance practice video. Red Velvet has been active for eight years, and their latest album was a commercial hit in South Korea. Additionally, their sub-unit with Irene and Seulgi and Joy and Wendy's solo debuts were all successful. With that, many wonder why SM Entertainment is not providing Red Velvet equal opportunities with their labelmates.

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Supporters understand that the girls are prioritizing their individual careers right now but pointed out that SM Entertainment can still form a group activity with the girl's schedules in mind. Others compared the situation to NCT, who have several members with solo careers but still manages to promote the group by sending two to three members to attend a schedule. People believe Red Velvet should have the same opportunity.

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Another point of concern is that SM Entertainment is not signed to a U.S. label for their activities in the United States, while aespa, who debuted back in November 2020, signed with Creative Artist Agency for their schedules in the country. Many believe this is unfair, as Red Velvet has seen massive success in the country.

Notably, Red Velvet is the K-pop girl group with the most number one's on the Billboard World Album Chart and is the first K-pop girl group to debut four number-one albums on the U.S iTunes Chart.

Red Velvet
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Supporters of Red Velvet Establish Petition for the Girl Group

Following the backlash against the company, several fans of the girl group set up a petition of Change.Org. The petition demands SM Entertainment to sign Red Velvet with a label in the United States for the activities in the country. The petition notes that the company has done a great job signing their boy group to labels in the States but does not have the same energy with their girl groups.

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As of the time of writing, the petition has 2,391 signatures. The petition has a goal of 2,500 signatures.

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Other than the petition, supporters of the girl group are demanding SM Entertainment let Red Velvet release another studio album before the year ends. Fans also want SM Entertainment to allow the girl group to attend this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the Seoul Music Awards (SMAs), the Melon Music Awards (MMAs), and the three annual Gayo music festivals.

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