TWICE Sana’s Hamster Cheeks are Back and People are Loving It

TWICE Sana is capturing the hearts of viewers with the return of her hamster cheeks. Keep on reading for all the details.

TWICE Sana’s Hamster Cheeks are Back and People are Loving It
(Photo : TWICE Japan Instagram | Insight)

TWICE Sana Hamster Cheek Returns and People Love It

On October 2, TWICE held a broadcast with Twitter Blue Room to celebrate the release of their first English single since their debut. Except for Jeongyeon, who is currently on a hiatus to focus on her mental health, the eight members of TWICE communicated with fans in real-time through the broadcast.

The TWICE members not only introduced the point choreography and behind-the-scenes stories of preparing for their new song The Feels, but they also had time to directly answer questions sent by fans in advance, creating precious memories for the fandom.

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All the member's boasted amazing visuals, but it was Sana who caught the attention of fans!

(Photo : Insight)

This is because Sana was boasted a more adorable charm than usual. People noticed that during the time they were able to rest, the Japanese idol gained some fan on her cheeks. Many people were reminded of her early debut days, where she was known for her hamster-like visuals thanks to her chubby cheeks, and people love it!

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With her hamster cheeks, people believe Sana looks cuter and loveable. Previously, the idol flaunted a sharp v-line on stage. While fans love both looks, many are happy to see the return of Hamster Sana!

(Photo : Insight)

During the broadcast, Sana was thanking ONCEs for always cheering TWICE on and asking for support for The Feels. As she was speaking, member Dahyun suddenly reached out and fixed Sana's hair, showing a sense of warmth. Sana did not mind Dahyun fixing her hair and allowed the member to touch her blonde locks, which only helped show her cute charm.

(Photo : Insight)

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TWICE Recent Activities

On October 6, TWICE will appear on ABS's GMA3: What You Need to Know to perform their latest English single The Feels. Previously, the group made their debut performance for the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on October 1, the same date the single was released.

(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

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On October 1, TWICE released their first all-English single The Feels. While this is TWICE's first English single, it is not their first English song. The JYP Entertainment girl group have released English versions of MORE & MORE, Cry For Me, and I CAN'T STOP ME. TWICE also released a cover of The Jackson 5's I Want You Back. They also released their first original English track What You Waiting For in 2019, which was included in their Japanese album &TWICE. 

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