aespa Reveals the Hidden Meaning Behind the Point Choreography for ‘Savage’

On the morning of October 5, aespa held a press conference to commemorate their first mini-album Savage. There, the girls explained the meaning of their point choreography. Keep on reading for all the details.

This is What the Point Choreography Means in aespa's Savage

On October 5, hours before the release of their first mini-album, aespa held a press conference to commemorate their first mini-album, Savage. During the event, the girls talked more about the chorus of the same-name title song and the deeper meaning of the point move in the choreography.

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Karina mentioned how in the chorus, they go "tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk." Initially, the girls sang the part as "Zu-Zu-Zu-Zu," but their producer Yoo Young Jin suggested that they since the part differently to make the part more engaging. After CEO Leo Soo Man and their producer thought of ways to sing the song, they ended up choosing "tsk tsk" to express the message, "You are no match for me."

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That is aespa's message to the Black Mamba — they are no match for aespa!

This correlates to the main dance move in their choreography. In the chorus, the main dance move is a "tsk-tsk" gesture, where they wave their pointer finger from left to right. The girls have dubbed this move as the "Savage hand gesture," as it perfectly gives the "You are no match for me" vibe!

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Check out the music video for aespa's Savage here:

The Controversy Concerning aespa's Savage Choreography

The point move for aespa's choreography has faced some controversy, however. When the music video teaser was first released, the point move was revealed in the video, and it instantly drew comparison to both BLACKPINK's choreography for How You Like That and ITZY's choreography for NOT SHY.

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While people first accused the girl group of copying the dance moves of their senior artists, it was quickly discovered that the choreographer for How You Like That, NOT SHY, and Savage are the same person, Kiel Tutin. Soon, people accused the choreographer of recycling old moves for different artists.

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Kiel Tutin addressed the allegations on his Instagram Stories. He stated he had no reason to make the choreographies similar and actually strives to make sure none of the dances are similar. Kiel Tutin added that he makes drafts and changes when necessary to his dances, and he spends as much time in the studio to ensure no choreographies are similar.

Kiel Tutin
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He stated that he never used that move for How You Like That and but he did use it for NOT SHY. However, Kiel Tutin says he has zero control over whatever ends up in the final choreography. He ended his statement by saying dance has a finite amount of moves, and when choreographers are hired to satisfy the "K-pop machine," some dance moves will overlap.

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