JYP Entertainment Disappoints MyDays after DAY6 Jae's Revelation during His Recent Instagram Live

DAY6 and JYP Entertainment are currently trending on Twitter with MyDays criticizing the company for not treating the band's member Jae right. Continue reading to know what happened.

DAY6 Jae
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eaJ / DAY6 Jae

In the past few days, DAY6 member Jae has been posting his personal thoughts on Twitter, causing fans to wonder if he's going through a difficult time at the moment. 

Fans become more concerned when he tweeted about having his mouth shut for the past 10 years and that he won't be silent anymore.

DAY6 Jae Reveals Thoughts and What's Been Happening to Him in a Recent Instagram Live

On Oct. 6, DAY6 Jae held an Instagram live where he let out all of the emotions he has been hiding for a long time.

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During the broadcast, Jae unveiled that he is having panic disorder right now and that he considered taking legal action against some posts made against him. However, he was talked out of it and so he didn't proceed with the filing of complaints.

After some time, he mentioned his group, DAY6. He said, "I have given so much heart to DAY6. I've worked so hard, especially on social media."

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He continued that all DAY6 members did their part, and his part was social media marketing. Hence, he becomes upset when people tell him to delete all of his social media accounts.

Jae then suddenly revealed that his breaks from DAY6 promotions were never his idea. "I was never the one who said I don't want to perform, I was never the person who said I'm going to take a break. I've had that on my chest for a very long time now."

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He went on to say that he feel left out as he was never invited to be part of Even of Day (DAY6's first sub-unit that consists of Dowoon, Young K, and Wonpil).

DAY6 Jae
(Photo : Instagram: @eajpark)
eaJ / DAY6 Jae

DAY6 Jae further stated that he has given his absolute best to DAY6 to the point that he had to fight people in the company for the betterment of the band to get them onto platforms.

He caused many fans to worry when he said that he has done everything he could for DAY6 and that some of the fans might not like the decisions he will make in the future, and that he won't like it either.

JYP Entertainment Slammed after DAY6 Jae's Revelation during Instagram Live

Shortly after Jae ended his Instagram live, DAY6 fans took to Twitter to express their emotions, as well.

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With many fans talking about the South Korean band on the platform, the keyword "day6" is climbing on the trending topics of Twitter. Even the keyword "jype" is trending under the K-pop category with over 21,000 tweets.

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Regarding the tweets about JYP Entertainment, MyDays (DAY6's fans) are expressing their disappointment with the agency for not giving its artists the right treatment they deserve.

In fact, some fans edited JYP Entertainment's logo. They turned this "JYP Entertainment - Leader in Entertainment" to this "JYP Entertainment - Leader in Disappointment."

Many fans are also emphasizing that DAY6 will never be DAY6 without Jae and that the band always has five members - Sungjin, Dowoon, Young K, Jae, and Wonpil. Check out a few of the fans' tweets below!

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