Media Outlet Highlights ‘Girls Planet 999’ Kim Dayeon’s Rise in Popularity

Following Kim Dayeon's dramatic rise to second place in the latest episode of Girls Planet 999, South Korean media outlet Facten highlights the reason for her sudden popularity. Keep on reading for all the details.

This is How Girls Planet 999 Contestant Kim Dayeon Rose in Popularity

Girls Planet 999 is a survival show that started airing on August 6 with the aim of debuting an international girl group with members from South Korea, China, and Japan. While the show started off with lackluster ratings, the program is becoming more popular day by day.

In fact, if you look at the Content Impact Assessment Index (CPI) for the first week of October, Girls Planet 999 was the second-most popular show after Street Woman Fighter.

Girls Planet 999
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Girls Planet 999 will soon be coming to an end on October 22 with the finale live broadcast. From the 99 participants, with 33 from each country, only nine trainees will debut in the final line-up. With that, Facten looked at the data of the most popular South Korean trainees.

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Initially, Choi Yujin was the contestant that gained the most interest at the start. This is because she had previously debuted as a member of CLC before joining the program.

Choi Yujin
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Soon, Kim Chaehyun started becoming popular. This is because she was a former SM Entertainment trainee, and she performed Black Mamba by aespa during the evaluation stages.

Kim Chaehyun
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However, Kim Dayeon is now the Korean contestant that is gaining more attention, and the reason why is unique. Kim Dayeon, who is recognized for her outstanding skills, received a lot of attention after making a mistake during her performance of BLACKPINK's How You Like That.

This mistake of Kim Dayeon, who is often complimented for being flawless on stage, became a point of interest to the public.

Kim Dayeon
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Kim Dayeon continued to garner attention during her performance of BLACKPINK's Ice Cream (With Selena Gomez). During this Combination Mission, Kim Dayeon proved her skills in not only dancing and choreography but also her leadership. Despite being younger than some of her teammates, she led her team well and taught them the choreography with ease.

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Following this episode, Kim Dayeon's ranking continued to rise. During the third eliminations, she rose to rank number two, making it her first time to rank within the top nine. She is currently the highest-ranking participant.

Therefore, it is most likely she will make the final debut lineup.

Kim Dayeon
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However, there are some dark horses in the competition. Two K-Group contestants that are gaining popularity are Guin Myah, who scored the Planet Pass in the last eliminations, and Huening Bahhiyih, who is known to be TXT member Huening Kai's younger sister.

Who do you want to debut in the final line-up? Tell us in the comments below!

These are the TOP 9 Contestants (From Episode 11 of Girls Planet 999)

1. Shen Xiaoting (C-Group)

2. Kim Dayeon (K-Group)

3. Sakamoto Mashiro (J-Group)

4. Ezaki Hikaru (J-Group)

5. Choi Yujin (K-Group)

6. Kawaguchi Yurina (J-Group)

7. Nonaka Shana (J-Group)

8. Fu Yaning (C-Group)

9. Seo Yeongeun (K-Group)

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