Chungha Diet and Workout 2021 — Here's How to be as Hot as the 'Gotta Go' Soloist

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Chungha is one of the hottest soloists in K-pop, both in terms of popularity and with her figure. Want to know how to be as sexy as the Gotta Go songstress? Then keep on reading!

Chungha Diet and Workout 2021 — Here's How to be as Hot as the 'Gotta Go' Soloist
(Photo : Chungha Instagram | Goodbye with Smile (Wikimedia Commons))

Chunga Workout 2021

Chungha is known for her excellent dance skills and is often praised as one of the best dancers in K-pop. The idol started dancing when she was a young child, and by the time she had debuted, she had already been dancing for six to seven years. Though she almost quit at one point due to financial issues, Chungha persevered.

(Photo : SHAQ Photo (Wikimedia Commons))

Even when she is not promoting, Chungha takes time out of her day to hit the studio and dance. This can be seen on her Instagram account, where she shares several videos of her dancing for her fans to watch. She specializes explicitly in waacking and other forms of street dance.

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It is not uncommon for Chungha to hit the dance studio for four to five hours. However, when she is promoting a comeback, it is more likely she spends nine to ten hours a day practicing her dance five days a week.

(Photo : Goodbye with Smile (Wikimedia Commons))

Additionally, Chungha does pilates, like most female idols. This helps her body become toned and flexible, as well as promotes muscle strength.

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Chungha Diet 2021

Chungha does not have a strict diet. Instead, she eats whatever she wants but in moderation. The female idol believes binge eating is terrible. If you feel too stressed from dieting, Chungha recommends indulging yourself or eating foods you enjoy in small amounts so that you can still feel happy during your diet.

(Photo : d4cgrapher (Wikimedia Commons))

The idol is a huge fan of Korean food. During a behind-the-scenes video during her PLAY promotions, Chungha was asked what Korean food she recommends to her international fans or non-Koreans in general. Then, she shocked people by saying that tourists coming to South Korea should not eat Korean food. Why, you ask?

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Chungha says it is just too addicting! She jokes that if people eat authentic Korean food in South Korea, they might end up wanting to live in the country because of how good it is. Liking Korean food is an understatement for Chungha; she absolutely loves it!

(Photo : d4cgrapher (Wikimedia Commons))

Will you try Chungha's diet and workout? Are you a Chungha fan? Tell us in the comments below!

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