This is Why Kep1er’s Future Success is Uncertain, According to Media Outlet

South Korean media outlet Hankook Ilbo determines whether "Girls Planet 999" debut group Kep1er is destined to succeed or not. Keep on reading for all the details.

"Girls Planet 999" aired their finale live on October 22. There, the final nine girls who will make their debut were determined. The lineup consists of Kim Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Yeongeun, Kang Yeseo, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro, and Shen Xiaoting.

 This is Why Kep1er’s Future Success is Uncertain, According to Media Outlet
(Photo : E Daily | Kep1er Twitter)

This group, composed of members from South Korea, Japan, and China, will debut under the name Kep1er. The name was created by combining the word "Kep," meaning to catch your dreams, and the number one, meaning the nine girls will gather as one to become the best.

Kep1er plans to embark on global activities under the joint management of WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment for two years and six months. Although their official debut date is unknown, interest in the group continues to rise. The group's Twitter account, which was opened on October 22, has already surpassed 555,000 followers.

Why Kep1er May Succeed in the Future

It is undeniable that Kep1er has attracted global fans' attention. Since "Girls Planet 999" was announced, many have been interested in the program, as there were an equal amount of contestants from South Korea, China, and Japan. On YouTube, clips from the show raked in millions of views, and in the finale, 200,000 viewers flocked to Mnet's YouTube channel to watch the episode line.

(Photo : Kep1er Twitter)

In Japan, the number of viewers exceeded 5 million. From the first round to the show's finale, "Girls Planet 999" hit over 100 million votes from users in 170 regions.

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Even if Kep1er makes their debut before or after this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards, the girl group is expected to begin their full-fledged activities early next year. As of the time of writing, JYP Entertainment, Source Music, and BELIFT Lab are confirmed to be debuting new girl groups in 2022. Hence, Kep1er is expected to jump into the fierce battle of rookie girl groups.

(Photo : Hakook Ilbo)

However, Kep1er's strength is evident. They are a global girl group with members from South Korea, China, and Japan, and their mix of cultures is their greatest weapon. Kep1er consists of five Koreans, two Japanese and one Chinese, so it is highly likely that they will stand out in the Asian market. Due to the nature of "Girls Planet 999," where viewers could vote for their favorite contestant, a strong bond had been built between the viewers and the idols even before their debut.

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Why Kep1er's Future is Uncertain

However, Kep1er's future is still shaky. The reason is due to the amount of backlash Huening Bahiyyih, who ranked at number two in the finale, receives.

Huening Bahiyyih
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Twitter)

After the final debut lineup was announced, many were divided over the addition of Huening Bahiyyih, who had remained out of the top nine until the finale. A national petition was even filed demanding Huening Bahiyyih not debut with the group. Considering the excessive hate towards one member and the rumors that the lineup was rigged, the future success of the girl group is uncertain.

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Therefore, Kep1er must overcome the negative public opinion towards Huening Bahiyyih. Additionally, "Girls Planet 999" had a relatively low audience rating in South Korea compared to the other survival program produced by Mnet.

Huening Bahiyyih
(Photo : Girls Planet 999 Facebook)

Overcoming Huening Bahiyyih's negative hate and securing Kep1er's popularity are the ultimate tasks the members must accomplish to succeed. The success or failure of the group ultimately depends on each member's ability and the overall group synergy.

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