LIGHTSUM's 'VIVACE' Enters Billboard's 'World Digital Song Sales' Chart

Rookie girl group LIGHTSUM set a new milestone after entering the Top 10 of Billboard's "World Digital Song Sales" chart! 

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'Comeback' LIGHTSUM, 'VIVACE' MV teaser video released... overwhelming performance
(Photo : LIGHTSUM Twitter)

LIGHTSUM's 'VIVACE' Enters Billboard's 'World Digital Song Sales' Top 10 

Billboard has revealed new rankings on October 26, showing LIGHTSUM's latest song "VIVACE" has entered the top 10 of the "World Digital Song Sales" chart as No. 8.

"VIVACE" is the title track of the girl group's "Light a Wish," released last October 13.

Upon the songs' release, it immediately ranked 8th on the real-time chart on Bugs in seven regions, United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Saudi Arabia in the iTunes K-Pop Top Album category.

'Comeback' LIGHTSUM, 'VIVACE' MV teaser video released... overwhelming performance
(Photo : LIGHTSUM Twitter)

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Furthermore, "VIVACE" also stood out on different worldwide charts by ranking first in the US iTunes K-Pop Songs chart from October 20 to 21 on the comeback's second week.

"Light a Wish" features the meaning that fulfills the wishes of "we," not only "me." The new song "VIVACE" means "quickly and lively" in Italian. It is a harmonious synth with a dreamy and mystical mood, which is based on the bass and genres.

LIGHTSUM Makes Their 'M Countdown' Comeback

On the day of the album's release, LIGHTSUM held their comeback stage with their title song "VIVACE," immediately capturing the hearts of fans from all over the world with their high-quality and skills while performing live.

(Photo : Twitter: @CUBE_LIGHTSUM)

LIGHTSUM Joins the UNIVERSE Fandom Platform

The UNIVERSE app has welcomed LIGHTSUM on their platform, and a new planet was opened last October 15. 

LIGHTSUM will communicate even more with fans actively through different online and offline events, which includes the original UNIVERSE content, Fan Network Service (FNS), some private messages, and their Planet, an artist-specific space in UNIVERSE.

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(Photo : Twitter: @CUBE_LIGHTSUM)

LIGHTSUM is a rookie girl group, composed of eight members - Yujeong, Sangha, Chowon, Jian, Hina, Juhyeon, Nayoung, and Huiyeon - who debuted last June. They are the agency's first all-female group in three years ever since the debut of (G)I-DLE in 2018.

LIGHTSUM not only recorded around 19,000 copies with their debut single "Vanilla," they also topped the iTunes single chart in 10 regions from around the world. They proved their potential as a next-generation global group.

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Before LIGHTSUM, some of the members were past participants of "Produce 48," namely Chowon, Nayoung, and Yujeong.

Juhyeon, on the other hand, competed in "The Unit."

The girl group's name means bright "LIGHTS" will combine as one "SUM" in order to connect to the people from all over the world and then transform into a group that will surely bring positive energy to everyone with their songs that contain a message of hope.

LIGHTSUM continues their promotional activities for their second single "Light a Wish." 

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