NU'EST Baekho Diet and Workout Routine 2021: Here's How the 'FACE' Singer Attains His Six-Pack Abs and Muscular Physique

Among NU'EST members, Baekho flaunts the best physique. Since his debut days, the male idol has marked masculinity in his company, and served as the icon of sexy in his group. Want to know how he maintains his sexy body? Then, continue reading!

NU'EST Baekho Workout Routine

Not only NU'EST Baekho's legs, but his entire body is muscular. He often showcases this appearance when performing on stage, leaving fans falling in love with him even more.

NUEST Baekho
(Photo : Instagram: @nuest_official)
NU'EST Baekho

If you're wondering how he achieved a ripped body, NU'EST Baekho's workout routine includes exercising in the gym. Needless to say, he has been doing weight training since he was a trainee.

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In an interview with Men's Health in 2018, NU'EST member Baekho shared that he is the type of person who easily gains weight, and so he has to go on a diet before promotions. He added that he often loses weight by not eating, but he later decided to ditched that unhealthy way of getting rid of excess fat, and has now switched to working out.

The "LOVE ME" singer went on to say that there was one time when he visited the gym with a group of 10 people, since he finds it boring to exercise alone.

NUEST Baekho Workout Routine
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NU'EST Baekho

NU'EST Baekho's workout routine differs every day. He focuses on one part of his body each day, and he adjusts the intensity of exercising based on his body's condition. He performs exercises for chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, shoulder on Wednesday, and arms on Thursday. And then, from Friday, he repeats the sequence of working out his chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

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Most of his workouts over the past years are focused on his upper body as he already has a thicker lower body thanks to doing sports at a young age. Specifically, NU'EST member Baekho has been doing kendo since he was an elementary school student, for six to seven years.

NUEST Baekho
(Photo : Instagram: @nuest_official)
NU'EST Baekho

Exercising is more than a habit to Baekho, it's a part of his life. No matter how many activities he has in one day, he always ends his day at the gym.

Besides doing weight training at the gym, NU'EST Baekho's workout routine also includes dance practice. The idol shared with Men's Health that weight training is more effective if paired with cardio workout, and dancing is a great cardio exercise.

You can check him out exercising here!

NU'EST Baekho Diet

During his interview with Men's Health, Baekho's diet was also unveiled. The idol shared that since he started working out properly, he hasn't felt stressed out about what he consumes. He added that he used to struggle with the need of eating rice with meat, but that struggle has disappeared as he goes to the gym daily to work out.

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NUEST Baekho
(Photo : Instagram: @nuest_official)
NU'EST Baekho

Baekho then said that he realized he needs to eat a lot of protein and some carbs to consume enough calories. And when he has photoshoots, he increases his protein intake and decreases his intake of carbs, sugar, and salt for a few weeks.

And, at the time he was on a diet for a pictorial for Men's Health, NU'EST member Baekho only ate chicken breast, which he eventually loved.

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