TWICE Momo Worries Viewers After Appearing Nervous During ‘SCIENTIST’ Encore Stage

TWICE member Momo draws concern after appearing nervous during the group's "SCIENTIST" encore stage on "Music Bank." Keep on reading for all the details.

TWICE Momo Worries Viewers After Appearing Nervous During ‘SCIENTIST’ Encore Stage
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TWICE Momo Sparks Concern After Appearing Nervous During 'SCIENTIST' Encore Stage

On November 19, TWICE scored their first won for "SCIENTIST" on "Music Bank." Many were happy to see TWICE achieve their first music show award, and many were anticipating the girl group's encore performance of the song.

After singing the first two lines of "SCIENTIST," TWICE gathered props for their encore performance. The girls all wore goofy glasses and cracked up as they looked at each other. Because they were busy getting their props, several lines from "SCIENTIST" were unsung. On "Music Bank," the encore stage must be sung 100% live by the artist, and there are no background vocals to support the idols.

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When the TWICE members were finished preparing their props, the girls thanked their supporters and started singing once more. First, Tzuyu sang the pre-chorus, then Nayeon and Jihyo sang the chorus. Still, the members started laughing and joking around with each other, having fun on stage.

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However, Momo was seen standing away from the members, with her back turned against the camera as she concentrated on completing her vocal parts. Unlike the other eight members of TWICE, she is not laughing and joking. People believe that the scrutiny she received concerning her vocal skills in the past encore stage has left immense pressure on Momo.

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Due to this reason, viewers think Momo was nervous about singing on the encore stage and tried to concentrate on her parts to avoid being criticized for her singing.

Check out TWICE's encore stage on "Music Bank" here:

TWICE Momo Gets Scrutinized for Vocals During Encore Stage

In June 2020, Momo received an immense amount of backlash for her vocals following TWICE's encore stage of "MORE & MORE" on "Show Champion." Momo strained her vocal cords during the performance, causing her voice to break. At the time, Momo appeared embarrassed but laughed the situation off. However, she was soon scrutinized, with people saying her voice had never improved since her debut.

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TWICE as a whole was criticized in June 2021 while promoting "Alcohol-Free." At the time, the members appeared nervous to sing during the encore stage, with viewers noting they seemed to smile awkwardly while on stage. At the time, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon's voices cracked while singing. Only Nayeon and Jihyo received praise for their vocals.

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People believe the girl group is traumatized to sing during encore stages. Back in November 2020, during TWICE's "I CAN'T STOP ME" era, the girl group looked scared to perform during an encore stage on "Show Champion." They had straight faces and only started making jokes after singing their parts.

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People also noted that they would try different techniques to start talking. For example, members would ask others to thank their fans and share their thoughts, or they would repeatedly test their mics.

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