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Kim Jong Hak's Suicide Note Tirade To Prosecutor In 'Faith' Lawsuit Revealed: 'Ghosts Lament Your Words...I Have Been Framed' Director Writes

By Jesse Lent | July 25, 2013 04:09 PM EDT


An official from South Korea's Bundang Police Agency confirmed Thursday that the four-page suicide note left behind by Kim Jong Hak before he ended his life earlier this week contained an angry rant about the prosecutor in a lawsuit filed against the director by the cast and crew of the TV show "Faith."

"What some outlets say are true, that the deceased criticized prosecution in his suicide note," the official told the news publication eNEWS on Thursday.

"We were aware that the name of a certain prosecutor was put down in the note. We can′t say much on it because it is a sensitive subject."

Kim Jong Huk's suicide note, which is also reportedly functioning as his will, cursed Prosecutor Kim for pursuing what amounts to phony justice.

"Prosecutor Kim, I am in a rage about your ambitions, about your conspiracies with album industries. I hope you apologize to those citizens who love dramas," the suicide note reportedly reads.

"You make what has been built across a long time a mere sand castle, and you say you are the hand of justice? Ghosts lament your words. You should be the one to be prosecuted. You′ve been forcing a conclusion, and then what? I have been framed."

The lawsuit against Kim alleged the 61-year-old producing director stole production funds and refused to pay money he owed the cast and crew of his television drama "Faith."

Kim had been extradited from China earlier this month, where he was working on a Chinese television production.

Although the case was still pending, South Korean authorities had barred the director from leaving the country.

The 61-year-old Kim's body was discovered on Wednesday morning, in the bathroom of the small apartment he rented in South Korea's Gyeong-gi Province, along with ignited coal. The bathroom door had been taped shut.

"We couldn't find any evidence of homicide in Kim Jong Hak's case, and the conclusion has been made that his death was a suicide," said a Gyeong-gi Bundang police official on Wednesday. "The case will be closed today, and the body will be not be autopsied."

Kim is to be buried at Sungnam Youngsaengwon Memorial Park. 

Kim began working for South Korean television station Munhwa Broadcasting Company in 1977.

Back in 2009, Variety Magazine called him "one of the most acclaimed and influential TV directors in Korea for more than 30 years."

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