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Billboard Said It: CL Is Classier Than Miley Cyrus in Nude

By | November 23, 2013 04:17 AM EST


"CL's nude scene is classier and more emotional than Miley Cyrus' nude scene."

CL's nude scene in the music video for 2NE1's single "Missing You" is garnering international attention, including the Billboard Charts.

Their article, titled "2NE1 Gets Sentimental, CL Gets Naked in 'Missing You'", was released on the 20th on

They wrote, "Freedom, fashion, and forward-thinking musical innovations were the driving force behind 2NE1 for some time now, but we are about to see a more mature, evolved flavor from 2NE1. Their song exudes mature emotion. 2NE1 has turned soft and feminine, and their leader CL's change is something to look at."

They continued, "The hot topic of the music video is CL's nude scene. In comparison to Miley Cyrus's nude scene in 'Wrecking Ball', CL's scene was much more classy and emotional."

Miley Cyrus has been polarizing the American society with her stark pull away from her innocent image to a rebel hip-hop artist. Her 2nd single, "Wrecking Ball", became a hot topic because she went full nude it he music video. Billboard made it clear that they preferred CL over Miley Cyrus.

The music video for "Missing You" features 2NE1's change in musical and emotional direction. CL's nude scene is garnering international attention. Their YouTube view count has reached over 3.4 million views.

2NE1 attended the Mnet Asian Music Awards, and in their interview to the Hong Kong media, they explained their new song and concept as well as their plans for an international tour starting in March. The countless amount of reporters gathered for the interview showed just how 'hot' 2NE1 currently is.

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