Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt Leads Mother Debbie Rowe To Seek Custody? Michael Jackson’s Ex Wife After Their Welfare, Not His Estate!

Paris Jackson's suicide attempt might be the main reason for her mother Debbie Rowe seeking custody. Reports say Debbie Rowe is after the welfare of the kids, Paris and Prince Jackson, and definitely not Michael Jackson's estate.

Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson, will supposedly file documents for guardianship of the two kids. TMZ reported that she's even more than willing to take in Blanket, 12, even if he's not her own child.

The website added that Debbie Rowe has no axe to grind against Katherine Jackson, the legal guardian of the three kids, but at 80 years old she has become too old to be an effective steward, Hollywood Gossip said.

The co-guardian, TJ Jackson, is also away a lot due to his work, which makes it difficult for him to look after the welfare of the kids.

"Katherine's not connected with the kids or involved in their lives" Rowe supposedly told a friend as she expressed concern that Prince Jackson has developed quite a filthy mouth, per TMZ.

As for Jermaine Jackson, Debbie Rowe just feels that "he's just plain creepy and extremely inappropriate," although it wasn't elaborate how he was being inappropriate toward the kids.

After Paris Jackson's suicide attempt in the middle of last year, the teen was enrolled into a Utah facility specializing in teens and girls dealing with depression and stress. Paris Jackson had a hard time coping with her father's death.

If the court will grant her custody, Debbie Rowe plans on moving the kids to Palmdale, California where she breeds and raises horses in her ranch.

"Rowe has not asked the Estate for money and our sources say she's not interested in a payday. She wants the kids because she loves them and fears for their well-being," TMZ reported.

Since Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, she has reconnected with Debbie Rowe and even brought her on a family vacation to Hawaii on Christmas.

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