United Airlines

United Airlines Under Flak For Violently Removing Asian Doctor From His Seat [WATCH]

Headlines 04.11.17 | 02:26AM EDT

A poor elderly Asian doctor was violently removed from his United Airlines flight because of the flight being overbooked.

Pledis Entertainment Controversy

‘Produce 101’ Season 2: Pledis Entertainment Sparks Another Controversy For Showing Lack Of Support For NU’EST

Headlines 04.10.17 | 09:24AM EDT

After being involved in a bullying scandal towards boy group SEVENTEEN back in 2015, Pledis Entertainment has sparked another controversy as NU'EST fan noticed the CEO showed support for Brand New Music.


Youtubers React To BgA's Parody Video 'Who's It Gonna Be' And Were Surprisingly Impressed With The MV

Trending News 04.10.17 | 05:56AM EDT

American and Korean youtubers reacted to parody group BgA or Boys Generally Asian's second music video "Who's It Gonna Be" and were surprisingly impressed with the song and the accuracy of the parody.


Sandara Park and G-Dragon News: Sandara Sends Park Sohyun A Ton Of G-Dragon Merchandise; Fans Tickled Pink Over Sandara, G-Dragon Connection

Buzz 04.10.17 | 05:52AM EDT

"One Step" star Sandara Park sends radio host Park Sohyun with a ton of G-Dragon merchadise as shippers see new hope for Daragon and Nyongdal ship to sail.

Lee Min Ho

No More Delays In Enlistments As Government Orders Military Manpower Administration To Take Over All Celebrity Enlistments

Breaking News 04.10.17 | 05:53AM EDT

In order to address delayed enlistments due to entertainment commitments, the government has amended the Military Enlistment Act so that all celebrity enlistments now have to go through the Military Manpower Administration. Entertainment agencies were furnished with the letter recently.

2PM 6 Nights Concert

2PM Will Hold '6 Nights' Concert Again On June 2; JYP Assures That Jun.K Is Recovering And Will Join The Concert

Breaking News 04.10.17 | 09:23AM EDT

Jun.K continues to receive therapy for injuries he suffered from falling off a platform during the first set of "6 Nights" concert but JYP assures that he will be 100 percent recovered by June.


Leessang Disbandment News: Kang Gary's Secret Marriage Shocks 'Running Man' Cast; Leessang's Gary and Gil May Still Continue Working Together?

Breaking News 04.07.17 | 04:48AM EDT

Kang Gary's secret marriage surprises even "Running Man" co-hosts. Leessang's disbandment not yet final according to sources.


MONSTA X News: MONSTA X Gears For Japanese Debut Under New Label 'Mercury Tokyo'

Breaking News 04.07.17 | 04:46AM EDT

MONSTA X will make their Japanese debut under new label Mercury Tokyo, a subsidiary of Universal Music.

WINNER 'Fate Number For'

WINNER Is Back With 'Fate Number For': 'Really Really' MV Gets 2 Million Views In Less Than 24 Hours! [WATCH]

Headlines 04.05.17 | 04:42AM EDT

WINNER is officially back as they release "Fate Number For" on April 4 with 2 MVs reaching more than a million views in less than 24 hours!


GOT7 Tops Hanteo Album Sales Charts For 'Flight Log: Arrival'!

Headlines 04.05.17 | 04:41AM EDT

GOT7 just topped Hanteo's charts for album sales for their comeback album "Flight Log: Arrival"


Hallyu Ban Doesn’t Stop Chinese Company From Plagiarizing TWICE’s Concept

Headlines 04.04.17 | 03:33AM EDT

TWICE's fans are furious over a Chinese ad that blatantly copies TWICE's photo concept for "Knock Knock".

Kim Woo Bin

Korean Films Banned At Beijing International Film Festival

Issues 03.31.17 | 09:28AM EDT

Despite being invited to participate in the Beijing International Fim Festival, Chinese authorities have reportedly ordered that Korean films will not be screened at the festival due to tensions brought about by the Thaad system.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment Believe Death Threat Towards BTS' Jimin A 'Joke': Agency To Move To A New Building?

Headlines 03.31.17 | 08:24AM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment has released a statement regarding death threats towards BTS and Jimin, believes it's all a joke.


MONSTA X's 'Oi' Flagged Inappropriate By KBS, Boy Band Lands No. 1 Spot On Billboard's World Albums Chart

Headlines 03.31.17 | 08:39AM EDT

MONSTA X's 'Oi' was flagged as 'inapproriate' by KBS after review: Lands No. 1 spot on Billboard's World Albums chart.

Secretly Greatly Prank Goes Too Far?

'Secretly Greatly' Pranks Gone Too Far? MBC Show Suffers Decrease in Viewer Ratings

Headlines 03.29.17 | 02:38PM EDT

MBC's 'Secretly Greatly' has been receiving low viewer ratings because of their recent episode with Super Junior-M's Henry Lau and actor Sung Hoon.

Oh My Girl, Arin

Oh My Girl’s Arin Got Into Accident Ahead Of Comeback: The Group Will continue Promoting Without JinE

Headlines 03.28.17 | 09:31AM EDT

Arin gets an ankle injury after she fell down the stage while performing with the group. Fortunately, Arin's in a good condition now and will continue to promote Oh My Girl's comeback album that will be released on April 3.


Iron To Face The Jury In April For 'Violent Assault' Vs. Ex-Girlfriend

Headlines 03.28.17 | 09:29AM EDT

Rapper Iron is to face the jury in April for [allegedly] violently assaulting ex-girlfriend.

Lee Gikwang

Lee Gi Kwang Reveals His True feeling About BEAST Rebranding

Headlines 03.27.17 | 09:24AM EDT

Highlight member, Lee Gi Kwang, hopes to reclaim BEAST's success under the Highlight name.


SF9 Reveals Their 'Growth' In Making Comeback Album 'Burning Sensation'

Headlines 03.27.17 | 09:04AM EDT

SF9 reveals in their interview with Hello Asia their growth in making their comeback album "Burning Sensation".

Seven restaurants and cafes owned by K-Pop idols.

Seven Amazing Restaurants And Cafes Owned By K-Pop Idols

Breaking News 03.25.17 | 08:25PM EDT

Some idols invest their money in restaurant. Check it out here!


BTS 'Wings Tour' in New Jersey 'Almost' Ruined After Bomb Reports: Signs With Def Jam Records in Japan

Headlines 03.25.17 | 03:12AM EDT

BTS' concert in Newark, New Jersey was almost ruined after a citizen reports of a "bomb" at the area when it was just the ARMY BOMB merchandise sold at the concert.

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