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Did You Get Your Tickets for ’B1A4 FOUR NIGHTS IN THE U.S TOUR’?

News 01.21.17 | 05:12AM EST

B1A4 U.S Tour

Giriboy And Blacknut

’K Hip Hop Fest 2017’ With Giriboy And Blacknut In The States

News 01.21.17 | 05:10AM EST

Giriboy And Blacknut In The States


Get Ready For ’PaloAlto Unite Tour 2017’

News 01.21.17 | 05:08AM EST

PaloAlto coming to the States


KCON brings Monsta X to Mexico

News 01.14.17 | 04:30AM EST



The Queen Is Back: HyunA Officially Announces North American Solo Tour

News 01.13.17 | 07:07AM EST

HyunA announces North American solo tour


GOT7’s 'TURBULENCE IN USA' Miami and LA Sold Out!

News 01.13.17 | 06:48AM EST

GOT7 sold out


Ailee Makes Her American Debut!

News 01.09.17 | 05:37AM EST

Ailee American debut


BTS Sells Out Their American Tour Dates!

News 01.05.17 | 09:56AM EST

BTS sold out U.S tour

Zion T

Zion.T Is Going To London For A Solo Concert In February

News 01.01.17 | 03:45AM EST

Zion T London concert

Director Bong Joon-Ho attends The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' special screening of 'Snowpiercer' at Bing Theatre At LACMA on June 20, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

‘Snowpiercer’ director is shooting new movie ‘Okja’ as Netflix original production

Movies 12.31.16 | 05:22AM EST

‘Snowpiercer’ director and scriptwriter Bong Joon-Ho return to Hollywood to write and direct the new movie ‘Okja’ starring Tilda Swinton, Ahn Seo-hyun and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie will go straight to Netflix for their subscribers.


Who Will Be the Next Korean Female Singer to Tour North America?

News 12.28.16 | 05:42AM EST

Korean female singer to tour in North America


GOT7 in USA Tickets Selling Out Fast!

News 12.27.16 | 05:19AM EST

GOT7 USA ticket sells out in USA

Jun.K and fans

2PM's Jun.K met 20,000 fans for his final solo show in Japan

News 12.27.16 | 12:08PM EST

The main vocal of popular boy group 2PM met 20,000 fans for his final solo show in Japan. He wrapped up his 'Jun.K Solo Tour 2015 No Shadow' finale show in Tokyo.

Block B

Get Ready to Get Your Ticket for ‘Blockbuster Tour’ to Europe!

News 12.23.16 | 06:37AM EST

Block B Europe tour


Official Merchandise On Sale For ‘GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN USA 2017’

News 12.20.16 | 05:51AM EST

GOT7 merchandise on sale


Dumbfoundead’s ‘WE MIGHT DIE Tour” Sells Out in Chicago!

News 12.20.16 | 05:48AM EST

Dumbfoundead's ticket sells out in Chicago


BTS’ ‘The Wings’ Tour Adds Chicago in their U.S. stops!

News 12.20.16 | 05:45AM EST

BTS adds Chicago on their U.S tour

Block B

Block B Bringing ‘Blockbuster Tour’ to Europe in 2017

News 12.16.16 | 04:48AM EST

Block B Europe tour 2017


Tickets for ‘GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN USA 2017’ Tour!

News 12.16.16 | 04:28AM EST

GOT7 USA 2017 tour

Dean, Eric Nam, and B.I.G. spotted in Los Angeles for “Unforgettable Gala”

News 12.18.16 | 09:50PM EST

ICYMI: Three Kpop stars are making some noise in LA.

Dean, Eric Nam, And B.I.G. Attend An Exclusive Gala In Los Angeles

Dean, Eric Nam, And B.I.G. Attend An Exclusive Gala In Los Angeles

News 12.14.16 | 06:00AM EST

Dean, Eric Nam, And B.I.G. took part of an Exclusive Gala In Los Angeles

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