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Editor's Pick: Solid Rock Riffing Over Ethereally Powerful Vocals Makes miss A's 'I Caught Ya' The Climax Of The 'Colors' Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.31.15 | 07:40PM EDT

"I Caught Ya" from the album "Colors," released on Monday by miss A, has hard rocking guitar riffs, an inventive mixture of sequenced and live drums and a sound that's steeped in the blues.

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Review: EXO-K Expand Their Sound On 'Exodus' The Title Track Of Their 2nd Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.30.15 | 07:25PM EDT

As the highlight of both discs, EXO-K's "Exodus," has the sleek, modern sound EXO is known for without being robotic.

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K-Pop Double Take: Why Korean Hip-Hop Artist Zzapa's 'Till The Night Is Over' Deserves Your Attention [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 03.27.15 | 09:23PM EDT

Using a relatively generic minor piano progression, Zzapa carves out a groove that is unique and downright funky on "Till The Night Is Over," from the EP "Time For Love," released in January.

Stand together, rock together: The Geeks.

Korean Rock Recall: The Stunning Directness Of The Geeks's 2014 Track 'I Still Believe' Continues To Resonate [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.31.15 | 05:52PM EDT

"I Still Believe," released back in July by Korean punk rock band The Geeks, proves that straightforward ideas need not come in tired, old packaging.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Clazziquai Project Celebrate 10 Years Since Their Debut Album On The 2014 Single 'Call Me Back' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 04.02.15 | 11:44AM EDT

The Clazziquai single "Call me back," celebrate the best attributes of these three inventive musicians.


Review: Madtown Bring The Party Big Time On Latest Single 'New World' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.26.15 | 09:05PM EDT

Madtown's new single "New World," released digitally on March 9, is bass-heavy banger, blending K-pop with hard charging beats and rhymes heavily indebted to the worlds of EDM and Southern rap.

still from NS Yoon-G's

Review: Vocalist NS Yoon-G Takes You Back To The Early Days Of Hip-Hop On 'Wifey' Featuring MC Mong [VIDEO]

New Release 03.24.15 | 07:29PM EDT

Though it is unlikely to become a feminist anthem, "Wifey," the latest NS Yoon-G single released on Friday, combines the rap of the early 1980s and the R&B of the early 1990s with a result that is tons of fun.

FTISLAND Hype Up Fans For Korean Comeback With Reality Show &

FTISLAND Redefine Their Style With Self-Composed 'Pray' [VIDEO]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.24.15 | 09:20AM EDT

The group released its first self-composed album, 'I Will,' this week with the lead single "Pray."

the album cover of P-Type's

Review: P-Type Turns Neil Young's 'Southern Man' Into Rap Gold On 'The Stranger' Featuring Chaboom [AUDIO]

New Release 03.23.15 | 08:07PM EDT

South Korean underground rappers P-Type and Chaboom harness the power of Neil Young's 1970 classic "Southern Man" to create something new on "The Stranger."

Han Hee Jung in light and shadow.

Korean Rock Recall: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts On Bluedawn Singer Han Hee Jeong's 2013 Release 'Soil' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 03.20.15 | 04:21PM EDT

On her 2013 single "Soil," Bluedawn vocalist Han Hee Jeong showed how a few small ideas can come together to make a big impact.

South Korean R&B duo VERRY

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Unwind With The Soulful Sounds Of R&B Duo VERRY's 'We Can Luv' Featuring Odee [AUDIO]

New Release 03.19.15 | 07:23PM EDT

With a powerful beat and a vocal performance straight from the heart, VERRY's latest single "We Can Luv" featuring rapper Odee, released on Thursday, manages to be both soothing and moving.

Iggy Azalea was the headliner for Samsung's mega wat music showcase at SXSW.

SXSW 2015: Is It Bad To Compare 2NE1 Rapper CL With Iggy Azalea? Maybe Not

Concert / Event 03.19.15 | 09:42AM EDT

Iggy Azalea’s performance at the SXSW Samsung event demonstrated the potential CL can have in the American market.

still from the Wonder Girls video

K-Pop Throwback: Clap Your Hands If You Want To Relive The Exhilaration Of The 2012 Wonder Girls Hit 'Like This' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 03.18.15 | 09:20PM EDT

On "Like This," Wonder Girls use a simple handclap pattern as a springboard for a dance groove that sounds as fresh and as innovative as it did the day in spring of 2012 that it was released.

still from Red Velvet's

Review: Red Velvet Return With A Serious Sugar Rush On The Irresistible 'Ice Cream Cake' [VIDEO]

New Release 03.16.15 | 06:04PM EDT

Seven months since their debut and five months after their last single, Red Velvet are back with a new sound on "Ice Cream Cake" that might stop your heart, but not because of the sugar content.

K-Pop Double Take: Zion. T And Crush Use Live Musicians To Achieve Something Special On 'Just' [VIDEO]

Hidden Treasures 03.18.15 | 03:04PM EDT

Zion. T and Crush focus on musicianship over digital production techniques on "Just," the first single off their new collaborative album "Young," released last month.

Rule Destroyer's Chae Song Hwa, seen here singing with Midnight Smokin' Drive.

Korean Rock Recall: Observe The Raw Power Of DIEALRIGHT Singer Chae Song Hwa's Old Band Rule Destroyer On 'Get In Tension' [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.13.15 | 03:50PM EDT

On this obscure punk track, all-female band Rule Destroyer brought enough energy to power a small nation.

Ga In Apple

Ga In Entices Us With Her New Album 'HAWWAH' [REVIEW]

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.14.15 | 12:23PM EDT

After a year hiatus the anticipation is finally over as solo artist and Brown Eyed Girl's member Ga In released her newest mini album "Hawwah" and comes back with an even more tasty image to stimulate everyone's imagination.

video still from Gain's

Review: 'Paradise Lost' From Brown Eyed Girls Vocalist Gain Is A Roundhouse Kick To The Heart [VIDEO]

New Release 03.12.15 | 09:06PM EDT

With the gothic sound of a pipe organ driving "Paradise Lost" and Gain alternating between slinky crooning and a confident delivery on the hook, the single, released Thursday, has a power that is impossible to ignore.

the album cover for VIrgo's latest single

Editor's Pick: Virgo's 'Drive' Featuring Vocalist Sorri Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Movie [AUDIO]

New Release 03.10.15 | 06:03PM EDT

Listening to "Drive," released on Tuesday by Seoul-based band Virgo, is like stepping onto the silver screen.

Boyfriend performing in Japan

Review: Thrilling Production Helps Make Boyfriend's 'Bounce' The K-Pop Boy Band's Most Exciting Single Yet [AUDIO]

New Release 03.09.15 | 07:44PM EDT

With a stabbing horn riff reminiscent of classic '90s hip-hop melting into a somber keyboard figure recalling '80s electro acts like Pet Shop Boys or Tears For Fears, Boyfriend's single "Bounce," released on Monday, packs a punch.

Purfles promo photo

K-Pop Double Take: Relive The Moment Purfles Proved Themselves On Their 2014 Debut '1,2,3' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.11.15 | 09:38PM EDT

When the three-member K-pop girl group Purfles debuted back in October with their first single "1,2,3" they had so confidence right out of the gate, you'd think they'd been making hits for years.

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