album cover for KOHO's

Review: On 'Wait 4 U' KOHO And Lee Daheen Channel The Spirit Of Aaliyah And Timbaland's Legendary 1990s Collaborations [AUDIO]

New Release 04.24.15 | 07:17PM EDT

On "Wait 4U," released on Wednesday, KOHO and frequent collaborator Lee Daheen channel the blockbuster 1990s collaboration between vocalist Aaliyah and producer-rapper Timbaland to great effect.

the album cover for Xin Seha's

Editor's Pick: Xin Seha Conjures Up An Epic After Hours Vibe On 'Night To Dawn' Featuring KOHO From The '24Town' EP [VIDEO]

New Release 04.22.15 | 09:34PM EDT

With its feet firmly planted in the lonesome twilight hours, the song "Tomorrow Is Every Day" from the "24Town" EP, released Tuesday by Korean electronic artist Xin Seha, evokes blissful inner visions.

South Korean comedian and rapper Yoo Se Yoon

K-Pop Double Take: Yoo Se Yoon Makes A Highly Funky Sound With Jay Park And Niihwa On 'Middle School Sick' [VIDEO]

Buzz 04.23.15 | 02:20PM EDT

Although it may have been recorded by a comedian, the groove on Yoo See Yoon's "Middle School Sick" featuring Jay Park And Niihwa, released on April 14, is no joke.

Oh My Girl

Review: B1A4's Sister Act Oh My Girl Slice Up The Beat And Shoot For The Stars On Their Debut Single 'Cupid' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.20.15 | 09:37PM EDT

Swinging wildly for the fences, with a beat that defies categorization, "Cupid," released on Monday by Oh My Girl is a daring debut single.

the album cover for the single

K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Moonshine And Giriboy Will Shake You Out Of Your Funk On 'Cliché' [AUDIO]

New Release 04.17.15 | 09:43PM EDT

With their feet firmly planted in early 1980s electro pop, Moonshine and Giriboy create a highly evocative and rejuvenating mood on the new single "Cliché," released on Wednesday.

Dal Shabet's

Review: Dal Shabet Continue K-Pop Girl Groups' Current Trend Towards The Eclectic On 'Joker' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.17.15 | 06:37PM EDT

"Joker" released Wednesday by Dal Shabet blends retro-sounding horns with Britney Spears-style crooning, Katy Perry-esque piercing high notes and a slamming drum loop.

The united bros of Vassline.

Korean Rock Recall: Can You Survive The Musical Assault Of Vassline's 'Red Raven Conspiracy?' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.24.15 | 01:08PM EDT

Released on March 10 by Korean metal band Vassline, "Red Raven Conspiracy" achieves a near-constant state of musical seismic activity, shaking up the listener with frequent shifts and starts.


Review: Newly Formed K-Pop Girl Group CLC Bring Back The Searing Synth Sound Of Classic Prince On The Single 'Eighteen' [AUDIO]

New Release 04.16.15 | 07:04PM EDT

When the different elements of a song jump out at the listener in a way that is nearly impossible to ignore, as they do in "Eighteen," the latest single from CLC, it's certainly a good start.

cover of Beenzino's 24:26 album

K-Pop Throwback: Beenzino Teams Up With Dynamic Duo On A Beat That Is Pure Native Tongues For The 2012 Gem 'Nike Shoes' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 04.09.15 | 06:33PM EDT

On his 2012 track "Nike Shoes," South Korean rapper Beenzino is clearly channeling the Native Tongues vibe, with some help from longtime collaborators Dynamic Duo.

still from the

K-Pop Double Take: Minah Of Girl's Day Lets Her Emotions Shine Through On The Funky Solo Single 'I Am A Woman Too' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.06.15 | 07:17PM EDT

Girl's Day singer Minah's earnest performance on "I Am A Woman Too," released on March 16, has enough emotion poured into it to hit you right in the chest, whether you understand her words or not.

EXO wins

Review: Why EXO Won Once Again With The New Single 'Call Me Baby' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.06.15 | 05:25PM EDT

The leadoff single from EXO's "Exodus" album, released on March 28, "Call Me Baby" is a hooky track combining elements of retro boy band pop with cutting edge production.

the album cover of Mamamoo's

Review: Mamamoo And eSNa Blend The Sounds Of The Best Soul Divas Of The East And West On 'AAH OOP!' [VIDEO]

New Release 04.03.15 | 06:55PM EDT

While Mamamoo and eSNa's "AAH OOP!" has clear shades of Amy Winehouse, there is also a rhythm and attitude to the track reminiscent of some of the jazzier material by South Korea's own dance divas.

The aptly named Dark Ambition.

Korean Rock Recall: Experience The Epic Sonic Journey Of Dark Ambition's Blazing 2007 Track 'Bird' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 04.16.15 | 07:31PM EDT

On their 2007 album-closing cut "Bird," Korean melodic death metal band Dark Ambition show that stretching out has its benefits.

The young punks of Rux.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Rebellion Rock Of Rux's 2009 Release 'Eternal Kids' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 04.09.15 | 04:32PM EDT

On their 2009 single "Eternal Kids," Korean street punk band Rux explored a sound that, while familiar to some, represented something much more significant to a whole generation of young music fans.

the new 10-member lineup of EXO

EXO's 'Call Me Baby' Song Review [Blog]

New Release 04.01.15 | 04:58PM EDT

A review of EXO's first post-Kris and Luhan single, "Call Me Baby."

album cover for

Editor's Pick: Solid Rock Riffing Over Ethereally Powerful Vocals Makes miss A's 'I Caught Ya' The Climax Of The 'Colors' Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.31.15 | 07:40PM EDT

"I Caught Ya" from the album "Colors," released on Monday by miss A, has hard rocking guitar riffs, an inventive mixture of sequenced and live drums and a sound that's steeped in the blues.

album cover for EXO's

Review: EXO-K Expand Their Sound On 'Exodus' The Title Track Of Their 2nd Album [AUDIO]

New Release 03.30.15 | 07:25PM EDT

As the highlight of both discs, EXO-K's "Exodus," has the sleek, modern sound EXO is known for without being robotic.

album cover for Zzapa's

K-Pop Double Take: Why Korean Hip-Hop Artist Zzapa's 'Till The Night Is Over' Deserves Your Attention [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 03.27.15 | 09:23PM EDT

Using a relatively generic minor piano progression, Zzapa carves out a groove that is unique and downright funky on "Till The Night Is Over," from the EP "Time For Love," released in January.

Stand together, rock together: The Geeks.

Korean Rock Recall: The Stunning Directness Of The Geeks's 2014 Track 'I Still Believe' Continues To Resonate [AUDIO]

Hidden Treasures 03.31.15 | 05:52PM EDT

"I Still Believe," released back in July by Korean punk rock band The Geeks, proves that straightforward ideas need not come in tired, old packaging.


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Clazziquai Project Celebrate 10 Years Since Their Debut Album On The 2014 Single 'Call Me Back' [VIDEO]

Old K-Pop 04.02.15 | 11:44AM EDT

The Clazziquai single "Call me back," celebrate the best attributes of these three inventive musicians.


Review: Madtown Bring The Party Big Time On Latest Single 'New World' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.26.15 | 09:05PM EDT

Madtown's new single "New World," released digitally on March 9, is bass-heavy banger, blending K-pop with hard charging beats and rhymes heavily indebted to the worlds of EDM and Southern rap.

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