Fans Get Utterly Confused As Park Bom Claims On Twitter That She Didn’t Leave YG Entertainment

Fans Get Confused As Park Bom Claims On Twitter She Didn’t Leave YG Entertainment!

Hot Issues 02.26.17 | 08:53PM EST

Fans became utterly confused when former YG artist, Park Bom said she never left YG Entertainment despite previous reports stating that she was the only 2NE1 member whose contract was technically not renewed last year.

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Park Bom Answered Fan's Question On Twitter With Confusing Meaning About Leaving YG Entertainment

Hot Issues 02.22.17 | 09:55PM EST

Park Bom was said to not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. But her recent answer to the fan's question was questionable as she was asking back whether she left the company or not.

Park Bom

Former 2NE1 Member Park Bom Thinks She Is Still A YG Entertainment Artist

Trending News 02.22.17 | 09:13AM EST

"I did??? kkk I left YG??" was Park Bom’s response in a tweet to a fan who asked her last Feb. 20 if she was happy after she left YG.

Sandara Park, G-Dragon

Sandara Park, G-Dragon Dating: Former 2NE1 Member Changed Her Makeup Style Because The BIGBANG Member Teased Her?

Trending News 02.21.17 | 02:46AM EST

Sandara Park debut as one of the panelists in "Get It Beauty 2017". During the program, she revealed that G-Dragon is the reason why she changed her make-up style.

Gong Minzy

Gong Minzy Roportedly Delays Her Solo Debut To Focus On 'Unnies' Slam Dunk 2': Details Here!

Hot Issues 02.22.17 | 09:20AM EST

Recent updates reveals that former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy has delayed her solo debut so as to focus on her appearance on the upcoming variety show, “Unnies Slam Dunk 2."

Sandara Park

2NE1's Dara Park Tells Fans To Watch Out For Projects In Korea, Philippines; Vows To Work Hard For Supporters!

Trending News 02.17.17 | 06:31AM EST

2NE1's Dara Park promises fans that she will have more projects in Korea and the Philippines this year and will work hard to meet their expectations.


2NE1's Final Song 'GOODBYE' Tops Billboard's World Digital Song Sales Chart

Headlines 01.31.17 | 09:30PM EST

Goodbye was released last January 21 and is 2NE1's final song. Now, the song has topped Billboard's World Digital Song Sales Chart.

2NE1 Steven Universe

2NE1 Were Almost Featured On The Hit Cartoon Network Show 'Steven Universe'

Headlines 01.31.17 | 09:30PM EST

A background artist for the show revealed cartoonized version of the recently disbanded 2NE1 as she reveals how the group was almost featured on the show.

CL latest photo has been involved in a controversy.

2NE1 Single Ranked & Latest News: Latest Image of CL Triggers Controversy

Headlines 01.31.17 | 10:02AM EST

Find out the rank of each 2NE1's single according to Billboard. CL new photo triggers controversy.

Park Bom

Life After 2NE1: Park Bom Turns To Ouija Board, Eyes 2017 Solo Album

Trending News 01.30.17 | 09:51AM EST

After the 2NE1 disbandment, former members of the popular girl group are now pursuing their respective solo careers. Park Bom is no exemption and an Ouija Board predicts her first solo album to come out in 2017.

Former 2NE1 Member Minzy Reveals Plans For 2017

Minzy Reveal Solo Career Plans After Leaving 2NE1

Trending News 01.30.17 | 11:10AM EST

Former 2NE1 member Minzy is known for opting against renewing her contract with YG Entertainment. The popular group was supposed to continue on as a trio but ended up disbanding instead. Recent reports reveal Minzy's plans for 2017 and the solo career that she is building for her future.

Gong Minzy, Park Bom 2NE1

Former 2NE1 Members Minzy And Park Bom To Release Solo Albums This 2017!

Headlines 01.31.17 | 11:03AM EST

2NE1 may have disbanded but these two former members won't let that stop their solo endeavors as several news sites report of an upcoming comeback from Minzy and Park Bom

Sandara Park 2NE1


Headlines 01.31.17 | 11:53AM EST

Dara speaks her heart out in a recent interview.


Former 2NE1 Member Minzy Reveals Future Plans

Trending News 01.28.17 | 01:19AM EST

On the recent V Live, Minzy reveals plans to release songs before summer of 2017.

Oh My Gil Seung Hee

Oh My Girl's Seunghee's Cover Of 2NE1's Song 'Ugly' Will Bring You To Tears

Trending News 01.27.17 | 08:40PM EST

Oh My Girl's Seunghee breaks down in tears while performing 2NE1's song "Ugly" during summer concert.

Sandara Park 2NE1

Sandara Parks Speaks Out On G-Dragon Dating Rumors; Expresses Her Fear Of Being Alone After 2NE1's Disbandment

Headlines 01.25.17 | 05:36PM EST

Sandara Park recently talked about her fears of standing alone now that her infamous girl group has disbanded. The idol also spoke out on the dating rumors that made headlines a few weeks prior.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park On Dating G-Dragon: It was All A Joke

Headlines 01.25.17 | 05:37PM EST

Dara talked about her dating rumors with G-Dragon. She denied they are a couple.


Dara Shares Emotional Photo of 2NE1 After Shooting Their MV For 'Goodbye'

Headlines 01.24.17 | 06:01PM EST

After releasing their final song together as a group, 2NE1's Dara shared BTS photos of the group.

2NE1 Performs at the Aeon Concert Tour

CL Bares 2NE1's 'Goodbye' Track was a Letter for Minzy; Final Song Tops 8 iTunes Music Charts Upon Released

Headlines 01.23.17 | 09:40PM EST

CL shares that 2NE1's final track "Goodbye" was a letter to Minzy and the Blackjacks.

Sandara Park Pursues Web-Drama Series After 2NE1 Disbandment; DARA Hosts New TV Show

‘2NE1’ Latest News & Updates: Sandara Park To Host ‘Get It Beauty’ TV Show

Trending News 01.23.17 | 02:37PM EST

Sandara Park of 2NE1 is off to new adventures after the legendary girl group disbanded. Dara will now venture to be a TV host as well as a new lead role in a drama series.

2NE1 Farewell Song

2NE1 Says 'Goodbye' To Fans As Farewell Song Tops iTunes Charts

Trending News 01.23.17 | 02:37PM EST

2NE1 released their farewell song titled "Goodbye" a few days ago. The girl group's last release is already reaching an impressive view count as well as topping the iTunes charts.

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