BLACKPINK's MV for "Playing With Fire" reaches over 30 million hits on YouTube; group set to appear on 'Running Man'!

Headlines 11.29.16 | 04:22AM EST

After winning Best New Artist at the recently concluded Melon Music Awards, BLACKPINK had once again reached another milestone as their music video for "Playing with Fire" hits over 30 million views on YouTube.

‘Who’s Next’ 2016 Version – Apparently 2NE1 Is: Disbandment. Solos? Come Backs?

‘Who’s Next’ 2016 Version – 2NE1: Disbandment; solos, comebacks to come next?

Headlines 11.28.16 | 03:22AM EST

YG Entertainment has officially announced that 2NE1 has disbanded. They have also announced that Bom has left YG Entertainment.

Nam Tae Hyun

YG confirms Nam Tae Hyun's exit from WINNER

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:55PM EST

YG seems to be on a roll with breaking millions of hearts as they again broke news that Nam Tae Hyun will be permanently leaving WINNER. Check out more details here.


Breaking News: 2NE1's disbandment confirmed by YG!

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:13AM EST

After shying away from the scene for quite sometime and with Minzy's departure from the group early this year, YG finally confirms 2NE1's disbandment. Check out more details here.


YG Entertainment confirms their artists' absence on MAMA 2016; find out why!

Headlines 11.24.16 | 09:02AM EST

The excitement has been high for MAMA 2016, however, YG has confirmed that their artists will not be attending the event. Here's why.


YG lights up 'WHO IS NEXT?' teaser, promises December 1 comeback for either Sechs Kies or BIGBANG

Headlines 11.18.16 | 01:08PM EST

YG Entertainment teases fans with new Who Is Next post. Will it be BIGBANG or SECHS KIES?


Here's What Former 2NE1 Minzy Has Been up To; Fans Clamoring for 2NE1 Comeback

Headlines 11.16.16 | 10:02AM EST

After leaving one of the biggest k-pop girl groups, here's what Minzy has been doing after her departure from 2NE1

Nam Joo Hyuk

BIGBANG and 2NE1 are NOT YG Entertainment's top visual artists, here's why

Trending News 11.14.16 | 10:33PM EST

YG Entertainment maybe home to several famous idol groups and musicians but it also hosts some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry and even up-and-coming artists.


CL Won't Stop Until She 'Breaks America', Get's Feautured on CNN Style

Headlines 11.14.16 | 10:27PM EST

K-pop superstar CL recently filmed a short documentary video with CNN Style featuring herself and her journey to 'Breaking America'

BLACKPINK return with their new hit single

BLACKPINK talks about their senior 2NE1

Trending News 11.15.16 | 08:36PM EST

BLACKPINK is on fire as they return with “Playing with Fire” but comparisons with their seniors 2NE1 is still as hot as fire.

Dara leaving 2NE1 for Philippine career

Dara leaving 2NE1 for Philippine career

Trending News 11.11.16 | 08:52PM EST

Dara may be leaving 2NE1 to concentrate on a career in the Philippines.


BLACKPINK dominates Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart; Group also enters Social 50 chart

Trending News 11.11.16 | 01:45AM EST

BLACKPINK's 'Playing with Fire' and 'Stay' dominate the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

American Rappers React to CL and G-Dragon

Desiigner, Tory Lanez and more American rappers react to G-Dragon and CL

Trending News 11.10.16 | 03:19PM EST

88rising has been giving much exposure to Korean hip hop culture lately. In their latest video, watch as several American rappers like Desiigner, Tory Lanez and Cam'ron react to G-Dragon and CL.

CL Apologizes For

CL Says She Is Sorry For Using The 'MTBD' With Quran Version

Hot Issues 11.08.16 | 05:21AM EST

CL apologizes for using the original vesion of "MTBD" during her Los Angeles stop for her "Hello Bi+ches" North American tour.


CL draws flak 'AGAIN' for using Quran verse in highly-controversial 'MTBD' performance, performs edited version of song in Dallas

Trending News 11.08.16 | 01:48AM EST

After receiving immense backlash for her use of the original MTBD song with the Quran verse, CL makes amends by using the edited version of the song in Dallas.


TIME Hails 2NE1's CL as Future of K-Pop in the US as French Artists Create Stunning Artwork of Her

Headlines 11.05.16 | 01:23AM EDT

After the successful first night of her US tour in New York City, TIME magazine has dubbed her as the future of k-pop in America while French artists Pierre et Gilles share their breathtaking portrait of her.


The Reason Why BTS Won't Be Making a US Debut

Headlines 11.05.16 | 01:01AM EDT

After gaining widespread success for their latest album 'Wing', Big Hit Entertainment explains why the group won't be making a US debut.


BLACKPINK Finally Speaks Out on 2ne1 Comparisons

Headlines 11.02.16 | 09:38PM EDT

After the successful release of their comeback single 'Square Two', the girls of BLACKPINK finally address the 2NE1 comparisons.


BLACKPINK to Surpass TWICE's Record, MVs Reach Over Millions of Views in 24 Hours

Headlines 11.01.16 | 06:56PM EDT

BLACKPINK's new MVs for 'Playing with Fire' and 'Stay' rack up the millions on YouTube in a span of a day.


BLACKPINK May Be 'PLAYING WITH FIRE' But Their Newest Music Video Would Definitely Make You 'STAY'

Headlines 10.31.16 | 08:17PM EDT

The girls of BLACKPINK finally solidify their comeback with the release of their newest music videos for their songs 'Playing with Fire' and 'Stay'.


Is Park Bom hinting 2ne1 comeback in her Instagram post?

Trending News 10.27.16 | 04:02AM EDT

After keeping a low profile for quite sometime following her drug scandal and Minzy's departure, Park Bom finally returns to Instagram and her post may hint at a comeback for 2ne1.

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