JYP Entertainment

7 Famous Idols Who Could've Been Part of JYP

Headlines 12.29.16 | 03:24AM EST

Check out these idols who slipped past JYP.

Park Bom

Park Bom confirms on Twitter she is still a singer

Headlines 12.29.16 | 03:28AM EST

Park Bom who was disbanded from the group 2NE1 in November said that she is still a professional singer with a conversation on Twitter with her fans.

YG Entertainment

7 Celebrities Who Could've Been Part of YG

Headlines 12.28.16 | 09:18PM EST

Check out these celebrities and artists who could've been under the YG banner.

Girl’s Generation, Sistar, SHINee, Infinite, EXO, Big Bang, Beast, 2NE1 and Shinhwa

Girl’s Generation, Sistar, SHINee, Infinite, EXO, Big Bang, Beast, 2NE1 and Shinhwa are some of the Kpop Group With Most Number Of Music Show Wins.

Headlines 12.28.16 | 04:25AM EST

List of Kpop groups ans thier number of wins on a music show. Girl’s Generationtops the list of groups with most number of music show wins.

2ne1 Says ‘Goodbye’ At The Top Of Billboard ‘World Digital Song Sales’ Charts

2ne1 Says ‘Goodbye’ At The Top Of Billboard ‘World Digital Song Sales’ Charts

Headlines 02.01.17 | 12:54PM EST

2NE1's last song for fans "Goodbye" has topped Billboard's ‘World Digital Song Sales’ chart.

2ne1 CL

CL's Instagram Posts Hints of a Possible New Music Video

Headlines 12.23.16 | 04:58AM EST

CL has recently posted several images on Instagram, all of which hints of a possible comeback.

G-Dragon (L), a member of the popular South Korean boyband Big Bang, and CL (R), a member of the K-pop girlband 2ne1, watch a fashion show held in Seoul on March 28, 2013.

G-Dragon and CL will reunite with a performance on SBS Gayo Daejun

Headlines 12.22.16 | 02:28AM EST

VIPs and Black Jacks, you're in for some Christmas treat as G-Dragon and CL will perform on December 26 together on stage.

K-Pop Maknaes

Famous K-Pop Maknaes, Then & Now

Features 12.22.16 | 08:13AM EST

Check out these then and now images of famous k-pop maknaes.

Nam Tae Hyun

EX-WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun Makes First Appearance as DJ in Club

Headlines 12.20.16 | 11:18AM EST

After leaving WINNER, Nam Tae Hyun finally makes his first public appearance in a club in Seoul's Gangnam District.

Monster Rookies

Top 5 Monster Rookies that Debuted in 2016

Headlines 12.19.16 | 08:23PM EST

2016 was the year of wonderful monster rookie debuts. Find out which monster rookies made it on the list.

Minzy 2ne1

Former 2NE1 Minzy reveals details about upcoming album, her imminent 2017 comeback

Headlines 12.13.16 | 09:17PM EST

Former 2NE1 member Minzy talks about her plans for 2017.


2NE1 to be rebranded as 'XXI'? Park Bom likes the idea

Hot Issues 12.08.16 | 09:14PM EST

Park Bom had recently liked a news circulating about 2NE1 being rebranded into a different name.

2NE1 CL, Dara

Remembering that time when CL saved Sandara Park's life

Headlines 12.07.16 | 03:28AM EST

Take a look back at the time when CL saved Dara's life.

Park Bom

Park Bom opens up about 2NE1's disbandment through heartfelt letter

Headlines 12.01.16 | 10:47PM EST

After CL and Dara, Park Bom finally speaks up on 2NE1's disbandment.

2NE1's Group Profile On Naver Removes Park Bom and Minzy

11 2NE1 MVs to honor the iconic K-Pop group

Headlines 12.01.16 | 10:51PM EST

In honor of the recently disbanded 2NE1, here are 11 music videos that every Blackjack should bewatching right now.

A snapshot of Park Bom crying in one of the episodes of SBS'

2NE1 so sorry for not releasing their album before disbandment

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:24PM EST

Here's 2NE1's official statement regarding their supposed album.

Dara and CL wrote letters for their fans.

Read Dara and CL's letters to their fans after their disbandment

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:42PM EST

Here's the translated letters of Dara and CL for BLACKJACKS.


Popular female K-Pop groups we've lost this 2016

Headlines 11.30.16 | 01:22PM EST

Following news of 2NE1's disbandment, here are some of the other well-known girl groups that had disbanded this 2016.


CL and Dara pens heartbreaking letter to 2NE1 fans

Headlines 11.30.16 | 05:07AM EST

Days after 2NE1's disbandment, CL and Dara posts heartbreaking and tear-jerking letters to their fans.


With 2NE1's disbandment, here's what every Blackjack would definitely miss

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:45AM EST

Here are some of the things that Blackjacks and loyal fans would surely miss now that 2NE1 is officially disbanded.


The Fall of 2NE1: Signs that led towards 2NE1's disbandment

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:16AM EST

Here, we break down the factors that may have led towards the disbandment of 2NE1.

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