EXO Reveal & Discuss Their Favorite Live Performances

Headlines 07.27.17 | 08:09PM EDT

EXO Reveal & Discuss Their Favorite Live Performances

EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM In Singapore [PHOTOS]

EXO's EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM In Singapore [PHOTOS]

Headlines 04.14.17 | 10:20PM EDT

EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM In Singapore [PHOTOS]

EXO Put Up A Spectacular Show In Singapore

EXO Put Up A Spectacular Show In Singapore

Headlines 04.10.17 | 11:27PM EDT

EXO Put Up A Spectacular Show In Singapore

EXO's Chen

EXO’s Chen Is Taking A Break From His Group To Focus On His Study?

Hot Issues 03.01.17 | 07:20AM EST

EXO's Chen has been admitted to Hanyang Cyber University to pursue an MBA degree. Could this mean that Chen will be taking a break from EXO?

Global Star EXO To Stage “EXO PLANET


Hot Issues 01.17.17 | 10:35PM EST

Global Star EXO will be touring Singapore and stage their EXO PLANET #3 concert on April 2nd.

EXO Baekhyun on one of his instagram pictures.

EXO CBX Allow Fans To See Their On And Off Screen On Behind The Scene Of "Crush U" MV

Hot Issues 01.06.17 | 10:15AM EST

EXO BTS released their song "Crush U" a month ago as an OST of online game company "Blade and Soul". They collborated with Yoon Sang and recently they shared their behind the scene, allowing the fans to see them on and off screen.

 EXO perform during the opening ceremony for the Opening Ceremony ahead of the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon Asiad Stadium on September 19, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.

EXO's Chen Again Showed His Generousity by Giving Donation Secretly

Hot Issues 01.05.17 | 11:51AM EST

EXO's Chen donated some money for the project called Young Meets Entrepreneurship. It was a project for helping adults to start their own business. He is really generous and he often does charity secretly on his own to help others in need.


EXO fans accuse Melon Music Awards of foul play after BTS won album of the year

Headlines 11.24.16 | 08:58AM EST

The stars may have went home satisfied after the Melon Music Awards but some of their fans certainly didn't. Here's why.


BTS gave EXO incredible love during the Melon Music Awards 2016

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:38PM EST

During the 2016 Melon Music Awards held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, BTS showed EXO incredible love as the latter received Artist of the Year award.


EXO makes history as first group to win all 3 Daesang Awards at Melon Music Awards; group wins 'Artist of the Year'

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:36PM EST

At the recently concluded Melon Music Awards 2016, EXO makes history as they become the first group to ever win all three of the daesang awards in the history of Melon Music Awards.


EXO's Baekhyun transforms into pretty high school girl

Hot Issues 11.17.16 | 01:38PM EST

Shortly after their first music show win on the SBS music program 'The Show', Baekhyun uploads an image of him transformed into a high school girl on Instagram.


EXO-CBX just bagged their first music show win for 'Hey Mama' on SBS 'The Show'

Trending News 11.16.16 | 02:30AM EST

On the November 15 airing of SBS "The Show," the boys of EXO-CBX take their first music show win as EXO subunit.

Teaser Photos for 'Hey Mama'

EXO Releases Teaser Pictures For EXO-CBX Debut ‘Hey Mama’

Headlines 10.25.16 | 11:33PM EDT

EXO and SM Entertainment have released teaser pictures for CBX sub-unit. EXO CBX will be releasing 'Hey Mama' on October 31.

EXO's Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen

EXO Releases Teaser For Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin Subunit

Headlines 10.23.16 | 11:37PM EDT

EXO has released a video teaser for EXO's first ever sub-unit. EXO members Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun are announcers announcing their hot debut.

EXO Talks About Newly Launched Skechers' D'Lites 2

EXO Talks About Newly Launched Skechers' D'Lites 2

Trending News 10.16.16 | 11:11PM EDT

EXO Talks About Newly Launched Skechers' D'Lites 2

EXO Becomes Ambassadors Of Skechers D’Lites 2 [PHOTOS]

EXO Becomes Ambassadors Of Skechers D’Lites 2 [PHOTOS]

Trending News 10.16.16 | 11:12PM EDT

EXO Becomes Ambassadors Of Skechers D’Lites 2 [PHOTOS]

EXO will finally have a sub unit with Chen, Xiumin and Baekyeon.

EXO's Xiumin, Beakyeon And Chen to Have A Sub Unit

Trending News 10.06.16 | 07:46AM EDT

EXO will form a sub-unit with three of its members.

EXO's Chen and Heize

EXO's Chen And 'Unpretty Rapstar' Rapper Heize To Collaborate For SM STATION

Headlines 04.04.16 | 11:43PM EDT

EXO's Chen and rapper Heize will collaborate and release a single for SM's music channel project, SM Station.

K.Will OST 'Talk Love'

K.Will Lends His Voice For 'Descendants of the Sun' OST

Headlines 03.19.16 | 07:40AM EDT

K.Will's OST for 'Descendants of the Sun' has been released.

Descendants of the Sun 2

'Descendants Of The Sun' Soundtrack Tops Various Korean Online Music Charts

Headlines 03.04.16 | 10:59AM EST

The popular TV show is getting high ratings on screen and off.

EXO Chen

Chen Opens Up About EXO's Superpower Debut Concept

Headlines 02.28.16 | 12:18PM EST

Even after four years, the group's original concept has not been forgetten by fans. Find out what one member has to say about the whole thing.


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