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Program Director Jang Young-Woo (L) with Park Jung-Min and Seo Kang-Jun on the shooting location of

'Entourage’ failure: dilemma of pre-produced drama

Reviews 12.28.16 | 12:20PM EST

“Entourage” has ended as a commercial failure after a promising start. Its failure raise the question of the benefit of pre-produced drama compared to live-shooting drama.

Still image from the drama “Entourage” from left Park Jung-Min, Seo Kang-Jun and Cho Jin-Woong.

‘Entourage’ wraps its series as commercial failure with below one percent ratings

Stars on TV / Movies 12.26.16 | 11:14AM EST

Final episode of tvN black comedy drama “Entourage” scored another low ratings with below one percent. There are many factors that makes the drama fail.One of them is its poor adaptation.

Seo Kang Joon (L) and Cho_Jin-Woong iin the

3 reasons behind the failure of tvN drama ‘Entourage’

Reviews 12.13.16 | 09:03PM EST

Entering the final two weeks of the “Entourage” the drama has failed to maintain the ratings. Since the good start in its premiere, the ratings continue to plummet.

Choi Jin-Woong as Eun-Gab in the “Entourage” drama.

Cho Jin-Woong delivers great performance in ‘Entourage’ despite ratings plunge

K-Drama 12.13.16 | 02:23AM EST

Veteran actor Cho Jin-Woong lives up to his reputation as one of the greatest Korean actors. His performance in “Entourage” is really remarkable.

Still image from drama

‘Entourage’ loses domestic viewers, but scores high content index ratings

Trending News 11.22.16 | 04:11PM EST

The drama “Entourage” lost its viewers at home with less than 1% viewership ratings. However, its content index ratings scores a high point.

Actor Kang Ha-Neul makes a cameo appearance in

Cameo appearance of Kang Ha-Neul in “Entourage” Episode 5 not enough to boost ratings

Trending News 11.22.16 | 04:08PM EST

Actor Kang Ha-Neul made a cameo appearance in the “Entourage” Episode 5. Celebrity couple So Yi-Hyun and In Gyo-Jin also appeared in Episode 6.

Still image from the drama

“Entourage” Episode 3 still revolves around the adventure of the group of four; Ratings drop significantly

K-Drama 11.16.16 | 09:41PM EST

The Korean remake of “Entourage” still focused its story in the episode 3 on the group rather than expanding the storyline. The second week marked the significant drop in its rating.

Cameo appearance of

Highly anticipated drama tvN “Entourage’ debut its first two episodes with success

K-Drama 11.08.16 | 08:54PM EST

The remake of HBO favorite drama “Entourage” began its first two episode this week. The Korean version started strong in its first week of airing.


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