Victoria palazzo pants

Get That K-Pop Look: Victoria's Chic Summery Ensemble

Fashion & Style 06.21.15 | 05:00AM EDT

f(x) member Victoria is looking vibrant and fresh in a palazzo pant number.

100 Years Of Women’s Fashion

100 Years Of Women’s Fashion

Trendz 06.14.15 | 09:50PM EDT

Get ready for a trip down fashion’s memory lane. In 2 minutes, we’re highlighting top style trends, from 1915 to today.

Seung Hee in CLC's 'Like' Video

Get That K-Pop Look: Seung Hee's Flirty Mismatched Outfit In CLC's 'Like' Music Video

Fashion & Style 06.13.15 | 06:20AM EDT

Who knew a floral skirt, sweatshirt, and Oxfords could become such a fun outfit?

100 Years Of Indian Beauty

100 Years Of Indian Beauty

Trendz 05.31.15 | 09:40PM EDT

100 years of beauty is back! This time, the focus is on the beauty trends from India over the past ten decades.

f(x) Victoria shows off a summery all-white look.

Get That K-Pop Look: Victoria's All-White Everything

Fashion & Style 05.24.15 | 10:56PM EDT

Victoria's got an all-white outfit that's perfectly light and breezy for a summer day.

Women’s Swimsuits Over The Past Century

Women’s Swimsuits Over The Past Century

Trendz 05.17.15 | 08:28PM EDT

Take a look at the different types of women’s swimsuits over the past 100 years.

JYP's New Girl Group 'SIXTEEN' at a Press Conference

Get That K-Pop Look: Jung Yeon's All-Star Outfit At 'SIXTEEN' Event

Fashion & Style 05.16.15 | 11:38AM EDT

Jung Yeon is doing an excellent job of showing us that blazers aren't just for boardrooms and jerseys aren't just for sports bars.

Fashion Must-Have: Lace

Fashion Must-Have: Lace

Trendz 05.10.15 | 07:53PM EDT

Lace fashion suits the warm season because it flutters slightly with the spring breeze and is always eye-catching. Let′s find out which Korean celebrities are rocking lace fashion styles!

Dara in a crisp and confident outfit

Get That K-Pop Look: Dara's Cool And Confident Instagram Outfit

Fashion & Style 05.03.15 | 04:14PM EDT

Dara has put together some basic seeming elements to create a super fly black and white outfit.

Minah - I Am A Woman Too

Get That K-Pop Look: Minah in 'I Am A Woman Too' Music Video

Fashion & Style 04.27.15 | 05:57AM EDT

Take inspiration from Minah for a sultry night out.

Park Si Yeon at the Opening Ceremony of COACH Flagship Store in Seoul

Get That K-Pop Look: Park Si Yeon at the Coach Store Opening

Fashion & Style 04.19.15 | 06:30AM EDT

Spring is here and it's time to step out in an outfit that is calm, cool, and collected.


Hallyu How-To: The Best K-Pop Inspired Nail Art And Tutorials

Features 04.18.15 | 11:38AM EDT

Nail art is a super creative and expressive way to show your love for K-pop and your favorite idols.

varsity sweater

Get That K-Pop Look: Red Velvet's 'Ice Cream Cake'

Features 04.12.15 | 11:57PM EDT

It's time to get the same retro, sporty look that Red Velvet rocks in their latest hit video.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Reveals Wig Picture, 'Cute with Bangs'

K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With KoreanFashionista

Interviews 04.11.15 | 08:43PM EDT

Find out what K-pop-inspired style is the hottest right now and which hairstyle K-pop fans want most.

park shin hye

Get That K-Pop Look: Park Shin Hye's Deceptively Comfy Airport Fashion

Fashion & Style 04.05.15 | 06:30AM EDT

It's tough to look as put together as most K-pop stars at the airport, but this outfit inspired by Park Shin Hye is an easy, affordable attempt.

NS Yoon-G in the 'Wifey' Music Video

Get That K-Pop Look: NS Yoon-G's Modern Take On An Old-School Look

Features 03.30.15 | 06:49AM EDT

NS Yoon-G is looking simultaneously chic and strong in an outfit from her new video for 'Wifey.'

Nine Muses' Kyungri and EXID's Hani at a Press Conference of MBC Every1 'Match Made in Heaven Returns'

Get That K-Pop Look: Kyungri's Edgy Blazer and Button-Down Combo

Fashion & Style 03.21.15 | 01:11PM EDT

Kyungri shows that blazers, button-downs, and Mary Janes don't have to be frumpy and boring.

Look: 100 Years Of Korean Beauty

Look: 100 Years Of Korean Beauty

Trendz 03.18.15 | 06:17PM EDT

Cut Video is back again to show the internet 100 years of Korean beauty.

A Look At The Fashion Styles Of Model/Actor Ahn Jae Hyun

A Look At The Fashion Styles Of Model/Actor Ahn Jae Hyun

Trendz 03.18.15 | 06:12PM EDT

Model turned actor Ahn Jae Hyun is in the spotlight for his acting and fashion styles in the drama "Blood". Check out some of his styles!

Jang Nara Attends a VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Age of Innocence'

Get That K-Pop Look: Jang Nara at 'Age of Innocence' Premiere

Fashion & Style 03.14.15 | 12:11PM EDT

Jang Nara proves once and for all that all jean everything can be super chic.

Jolly V on Unpretty Rapstar

Get That K-Pop Look: Jolly V in Unpretty Rapstar

Fashion & Style 03.08.15 | 08:09PM EDT

This week we'll show you how to get a casual yet fierce outfit that's as funky as it is comfy.

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