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Does K-Pop Have The Power To Dominate The U.K.? Find Out Here!

Does K-Pop Have The Power To Dominate The U.K.? Find Out Here!

Hot Issues 02.26.17 | 08:09PM EST

There is no doubt that K-pop has dominated the Asian entertainment industry. Now, it plans to dominate the U.K.

jihyun banana

Get That K-Pop Look: Jihyun's Fun Banana Maxi

Fashion & Style 05.11.16 | 06:30PM EDT

You're not going to find a more fun outfit for summer than this one.

jungyeon in cheer up music video

Get That K-Pop Look: Jungyeon's Netflix and Chill Outfit From 'Cheer Up' Music Video

Fashion & Style 05.13.16 | 04:20PM EDT

Sometimes you just need a comfy outfit that's a bit more nice -- but just as chill -- as sweats.

APink memory day

Get That K-Pop Look: APink's Festival Ready Outfits

Fashion & Style 04.24.16 | 11:05AM EDT

It's time for looking cute while traipsing around large fields looking to music. Need inspiration? Get it here from APink.


Get That K-Pop Look: Hyosung's Gold Dance Number

Fashion & Style 04.24.16 | 11:06AM EDT

Hyosung knows how to put together a metallic dance outfit, and you can too.

moto jacket

Get That K-Pop Look: Hyomin's Casual Cool For Seoul Fashion Week

Fashion & Style 04.03.16 | 10:30AM EDT

Hyomin wears the rare outfit that's easy for you to get but also cool enough to fill in at one of the world's most rad fashion weeks.

MAMAMOO At Kpop Night Out SXSW 2016 In Austin, TX - March 16, 2016 [PHOTOS]

Get That K-Pop Look: Go Casual With MAMAMOO At SXSW

Fashion & Style 03.20.16 | 10:30AM EDT

MAMAMOO rocked a look that was comfy, retro, and modern all at the same time -- and you can, too.

girls code galaxy

Get That K-Pop Look: Ladies' Code's Grown-Up 'Galaxy' Style

Fashion & Style 03.10.16 | 09:42AM EST

Ladies' Code are slowly but surely making a more mature comeback post tragedy, and their look reflects it. Get inspired by their style here.

hyuna leopard coat

Get That K-Pop Look: HyunA's Out And About Leopard Style

Fashion & Style 02.26.16 | 08:53AM EST

Even HyunA's outfit for running errands is a stunner -- see how to get a similar look for yourself here.

Yubin fishnets

Get That K-Pop Look: Yubin's Fierce Fishnets

Fashion & Style 03.04.16 | 07:30AM EST

This outfit may seem simple but it's all fabulous (and totally attainable). Here's how.

Dara white polo

Get That K-Pop Look: Dara's Country Club Polo Outfit

Fashion & Style 01.29.16 | 11:32AM EST

You think only Dara can pull off this half goth, half country club outfit? Nah, you can, too -- here's how.

kim jae kyung

Get That K-Pop Look: Rainbow Member Jaekyung's Winter Beach Outfit

Fashion & Style 01.03.16 | 10:43PM EST

It's the perfect casually chic outfit for a winter stroll on the beach with a fluffy dog.

dara all red outfit

Get That K-Pop Look: Dara's All Red Showstopper

Fashion & Style 12.29.15 | 10:24AM EST

Turns out you only need one color to look fabulous - red.

ugly christmas

Get That K-Pop Look: Hyoyeon's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Fashion & Style 12.14.15 | 11:59AM EST

It's that ugly sweater time of year. But don't worry -- take some clues from Hyoyeon and have all the seasonal cheer without too much of the ugly.


Get That K-Pop Look: Yubin's Sporty Parka Look At Nobis Launch

Fashion & Style 11.30.15 | 01:08PM EST

Strut confidently into winter with this stellar, sporty parka getup.

Narsha Warm Hole

Get That K-Pop Look: Narsha's Sheer Attitude In The 'Warm Hole' Music Video

Fashion & Style 11.22.15 | 11:42PM EST

Anyone who wants to look a little more daring and fierce should take a cue from Narsha's outfit in the 'Warm Hole' music video.

Solbi in the

Get That K-Pop Look: Solbi's Funky Throwback Outfit

Fashion & Style 11.15.15 | 09:17PM EST

There's just enough going on in Solbi's funky 'Wonderful As Always' music video look.

tiffany seoul fashion week

Get That K-Pop Look: Tiffany's Seoul Fashion Week Outfit

Features 11.08.15 | 11:30PM EST

Tiffany proves that classy and elegant doesn't have to be boring.

U Sung Eun

Get That K-Pop Look: U Sung Eun's Bewitching Inkigayo Outfit

Fashion & Style 10.25.15 | 03:26PM EDT

U Sung Eun combined some of this season's hottest trends in a stunning, autumnal outfit at last week's Inkigayo.

Melody Day 'Speed Up'

Get That K-Pop Look: Melody Day's New Modern Fringe Leather Outfit

Fashion & Style 10.12.15 | 07:29AM EDT

Melody Day understands how to keep up with the times. (The answer is fringe -- come look.)


Get That K-Pop Look: Taeyeon's Carefree Beachy Outfit

Fashion & Style 10.04.15 | 11:04AM EDT

You're going to want to get in on Taeyeon's new relaxed look.


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