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‘Woman with a Suitcase’ ends its series with a better rating; Some important details are missing

Trending News 11.18.16 | 10:10PM EST

MBC's drama “Woman with a Suitcase” ended its 16-episode series with a better rating after live shooting. However there are some important details that are missing from the drama.

Still image of Seo Hyun-Jin as as young doctor Seo-Jung Tin the SBS drama

Teacher Kim allows Seo-Jung to stay in ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ Episode 4; Ratings are consistently high

Trending News 11.18.16 | 09:36PM EST

The storyline of “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” continues to deliver an interesting story, which captivates the audience. As a result, the drama ratings topped the ratings chart in both TnMS and AGB Nielsen Korea.

Member of boy group BtoB Yook Sung-Jae  in the still image of the

tvN release new still image from ‘Goblin’ drama featuring BtoB member Sungjae

Trending News 11.18.16 | 01:13PM EST

After releasing series of still images from two lead actors in “Goblin,” tvN publish images depicting the supporting character played by idol group BtoB member Sung Jae.

Official poster of the MBC drama

MBC drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’ faces a fierce competition from ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ in ratings

Stars on TV / Movies 11.17.16 | 11:23PM EST

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” is facing a fierce competition from the SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Sea.” In order to boost its rating, MBC invite two famous characters in the its famous drama to appear in the drama.

Still image of Nam Joo-Hyuk as a professional swimmer in the “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo”  drama.

Nam Joo-Hyuk shows his slender figure and acting skills in ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’

K-Drama 11.17.16 | 10:39PM EST

Nam Joo-Hyuk has a lot of drama project this year. He starred in the new MBC drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” as a swimmer who look forward to join the Korean national team.

Still image from the trailer of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” MBC drama.

‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo’ Program Director explains his reason to cast two actors from the same agency

K-Drama 11.17.16 | 10:40PM EST

Program Director (PD) of the “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo” Oh Hyun-Jong explains his reason to cast actor and actress from the same agency to play leading roles in the drama.

Still image of Lee Yo-Won who plays a cold and ambitious business woman in the

MBC officially introduces upcoming drama ‘Night Light’ airing next week

Trending News 11.17.16 | 01:47PM EST

MBC introduced the upcoming drama “Night Light” in a press conference in its headquarters. The drama is scheduled to replace “Woman with a Suitcase” as a Monday and Tuesday night drama.

Still image of Ha Seok-Jin in

‘Something About 1%’ update: Jae-In really falls in love with Da-Hyun; Contract ends in episode 14

K-Drama 11.17.16 | 05:12AM EST

Jae-In and Da-Hyun are really falling in love in the “Something About 1%” and they acknowledge their feeling. However their contract ends in the episode but the love between them remains.

Still image of JTBC drama “My Wife is Having an Affair” Episode 5 when Hyun-Woo  consulted his problem to Yoon-Ki and Joon-Young.

‘My Wife is Having an Affair’ Episode 7 spoilers: Soo-Yeon plan to divorce Hyun-Woo

K-Drama 11.17.16 | 05:00AM EST

The escalating conflict inside Hyun-Woo from “My Wife is Having an Affair” Episode 6 reach the peak in the next episodes. Soo-Yeon who has lost hope with the marriage plan to file a divorce paper.

Still image of Lee Min-Ho as a con-artist  in the

Lee Min-Ho tries a different role in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’; First episode records a very high rating

Stars on TV / Movies 11.17.16 | 12:33AM EST

Lee Min-Ho who has matured as an actor and paired with Jun Ji-Hyun in new SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Sea.” The first episodes of the drama reached a very high ratings.

Ji Chang-Wook on his way to “The K2” wrap-up party on Saturday, Nov. 12

Up and close with Ji Chang-Wook: His hobby, next plan after successful “The K2” drama, his military conscription duty

Stars on TV / Movies 11.16.16 | 09:54PM EST

The male lead actor in “The K2” Ji Chang-Wook tells his next plan after the drama ends its episode. He also shares his preferences in the film role.

Still image from the drama

“Entourage” Episode 3 still revolves around the adventure of the group of four; Ratings drop significantly

K-Drama 11.16.16 | 09:41PM EST

The Korean remake of “Entourage” still focused its story in the episode 3 on the group rather than expanding the storyline. The second week marked the significant drop in its rating.

Casts and crews took a picture at the end of

“The K2” wraps up its final episode; Yoona shares her experience to play a challenging role

K-Drama 11.16.16 | 04:00AM EST

tvN thriller drama “The K2” ends with a two episode long of exploded time bomb. While the lead actress Yoona is sharing her experience to play challenging role.

Actress Kim Ha-Neul posted photo in her social media to say goodbye at the end of the shooting of

‘On the Way to the Airport’ ends its series in a beautiful way

K-Drama 11.16.16 | 04:20AM EST

KBS2 drama “On the Way to the Airport” ends its series beautifully as the heroine Choi Soo-Ah choose her happiness.

Geum-Joo gives a press conference demanding the justice to be upheld in the

‘Woman with a Suitcase’ wraps up the story this week, airing two episodes back-to-back

K-Drama 11.15.16 | 11:13PM EST

"Woman with a Suitcase” final two episodes ends this week. Instead of airing final episode next week, MBC decides to air two episode back-to-back.

Lee Dong-Wook with Lee Si-An (Lee Daebak) in the shooting location of

‘Goblin’ drama update: Lee Dong-Wook has a surprise visit; Gong-Yoo looks elegant as an ancient warrior

Stars on TV / Movies 11.15.16 | 11:05PM EST

Two male characters in the upcoming drama “Goblin” have their own story in the shooting location. Lee Dong-Wook received a surprise visit, while Gong-Yoo showcased his charm in a warrior outfit.

Official poster of

‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ premieres this week

K-Drama 11.15.16 | 03:21AM EST

“Legend of the Blue Sea” is one of the most anticipated drama this year. Starring Lee Min-Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun, the drama will premiere this week.

Still image of Yoo Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun-Jin in the

SBS drama ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ continue to perform well in viewership rating

K-Drama 11.15.16 | 02:47AM EST

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” started its second week with a significant increase in rating. The storyline becomes more interesting with the hectic in the ER.

Still image from the

‘Jealousy Incarnate’ Episode 24 ends with a happy ending; viewership rating remains stable

K-Drama 11.15.16 | 12:54AM EST

The SBS romantic comedy drama ended with a happy ending for every one. Its viewership rating also is also stable in the final two episodes last week.

One of the Yoo In-Na official pictures for tvN drama

tvN release still images of the beautiful Yoo In-Na from the "Goblin” drama

Trending News 11.12.16 | 10:55PM EST

Beautiful actress Yoo In-Na is one of the cast members in the “Goblin” drama which to air next December. Ahead of the premiere, tvN release a series of picture depicting her in a soft pink dress.

The still image of actress Choi Ji-Woo as attorney Geum-Joo in the

‘Woman with a Suitcase’ Episode 13 begins to regain its lost viewers

Stars on TV / Movies 11.12.16 | 07:55AM EST

After losing some viewers in its fifthand sixth weeks, “Woman with a Suitcase” regained its viewer back in the seventh week. The drama changed its slow pace storytelling to become more interesting.

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