AKMU got a huge success on the first day of

AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of 'Diary' Concert In Seoul

Headlines 03.25.17 | 08:09PM EDT

AKMU just held their "Diary" concert in Seoul. It was a huge success with big satisfaction from audience.

Akdong Musician Shares About Life Since Debut And Their Music [KpopStarz Exclusive]

Akdong Musician Shares About Life Since Debut And Their Music [KpopStarz Exclusive]

Headlines 02.26.17 | 08:52PM EST

Akdong Musician Shares About Life Since Debut And Their Music [KpopStarz Exclusive]

Fans of Korean Pop Band Bigbang watch as they perform at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on September 20, 2013 in Singapore.

K-Pop Fandom Idols Light Sticks WIth Brightness and Cute Designs

Headlines 01.09.17 | 01:33PM EST

Light stick for idols distinct them from one fandom to another. The group have their own official light stick with different design and color. Among them, some have great brightness and some come up with cute design.

[Album Review] Akdong Musician ‘Winter'

[Album Review] Akdong Musician ‘Winter’

Hot Issues 01.06.17 | 12:51AM EST

An album review of Akdong Musician's latest album "Winter"

AKMU Releases ‘Last Goodbye’ Comeback

AKMU Releases ‘Last Goodbye’ Comeback

Headlines 01.03.17 | 05:10AM EST

AKMU has released "Last Goodbye" music video for their latest comeback. They have also released their newest album titled "Winter".

Peak Into AKMU’s Studio In Singapore

Peak Into AKMU’s Studio In Singapore

Headlines 12.18.16 | 11:53PM EST

Peak Into AKMU’s Studio In Singapore

AKMU Will Release Winter Album Next Year

AKMU will release winter album next year

Headlines 12.06.16 | 02:39AM EST

AKMU is set to release a winter album next year. YG Entertainment has released th album cover of Akdong Musician's upcoming winter album.

[KpopStarz Exclusive Interview] Akdong Musician Talks About K-Pop, Their Music And Their Fans

Akdong Musician Talks About K-Pop, Their Music And Their Fans [KpopStarz Exclusive]

Headlines 12.06.16 | 09:39AM EST

[KpopStarz Exclusive Interview] Akdong Musician Talks About K-Pop, Their Music And Their Fans

YG Who's Next

YG ‘Plans’ a November Comeback for Blackpink, AkMu and Big Bang

Headlines 10.11.16 | 06:31AM EDT

Big Bang, Blackpink and Akdong Musician to make a November comeback. YG promises that it will come true this time.

Duo Akdong Musician Chosen For U.S. Billboard's '21 Under 21' List

Akdong Musician And Katie Kim Cover WINNER's Upcoming Single 'Sentimental' [VIDEO]

Headlines 01.26.16 | 11:29AM EST

Following multiple covers of "Baby Baby," Akdong Musician and Katie Kim have released versions of another upcoming WINNER single.

akdong musician

Akdong Musician Want To Collaborate With Jung Seung Hwan

Stars on TV / Movies 11.12.15 | 12:35AM EST

The sibling duo Akdong Musician chose singer Jung Seung Hwan as someone they want to do a collaboration with.

AKMU at New Balance 2014 New Race Seoul Marathon

AKMU Ask Fans To Wait While They Prepare Comeback

Headlines 10.28.15 | 12:19PM EDT

The sibling duo told fans they're preparing good music for their next comeback.

AKMU 1st Anniversary

Akdong Musician Celebrate 1st Anniversary Since Debut, 2nd Since 'K-Pop Star' Win

Headlines 04.08.15 | 08:47AM EDT

YG Entertainment's teenage sibling duo celebrates two milestones in their rise to fame.


INFINITE, Akdong Musician And Lee Seung Hwan Win Big At Korean Music Awards [RECAP]

Headlines 03.02.15 | 05:29PM EST

SISTAR member Soyu also got a nod for her catchy collaboration song "Some" with Junggigo.

YG Entertainment and Authenticity in K-Pop

YG Entertainment And Authenticity In K-Pop [Blog]

Features 01.17.15 | 02:29PM EST

YG Entertainment are seen as the artists of the K-Pop world but recent activity seems to go against this. Is their authenticity real or a marketing trick?

AKMU and Lee Hi Cover Big Bang's Lies and 2NE1's Lonley

Akdong Musician And Lee Hi Cover Big Bang's 'Lies' And 2NE1's 'Lonely'

Headlines 12.31.14 | 04:50PM EST

AKMU and Lee Hi performed acoustic covers two songs by their YG Entertainment label mates Big Bang and 2NE1 on 'Healing Camp.'

Chanhyuk Instagram

Akdong Musician Siblings Suhyun & Chanhyuk Join Instagram

Buzz 12.05.14 | 08:55AM EST

Brother and sister K-Pop singers Lee Suhyun and Lee Chanhyuk (AKMU) have joined the list of K-Pop idols with Instagram accounts.

YG Entertainment has been unstoppable in 2014.

With Multiple Chart-Topping Hits, 2014 Is The Year Of YG Entertainment

Features 11.27.14 | 07:47AM EST

From their success at the MelOn Music Awards to the unstoppable hits, 2014 is the year of YG.

Hi Suhyun

HI SUHYUN Reveal Debut 'I'm Different' Music Video Featuring iKON's Bobby

Headlines 11.18.14 | 09:27PM EST

YG Entertainment's Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun have revealed their first music video together for "I'm Different."

Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician Releases Teaser Clip For Their First Concert Tour

Headlines 10.30.14 | 06:56AM EDT

Brother-sister duo Akdong Musician released their first teaser for their upcoming "AKMU Camp," the pair's first solo concert.


AKMU Siblings Lee Chan Hyuk & Lee Soo Hyun Open Up About Their Unique Upbringing, 'We Gave Up On School'

Stars on TV / Movies 07.15.14 | 12:22AM EDT

Things haven't always been great for K-Pop's brother-sister musical sensation

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