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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Declares Singledom On Twitter To Mask Relationship With Girlfriend Kate Hudson

Trending News 02.23.16 | 12:50PM EST

Nick Jonas declared that he is single on Twitter. But the rumors involving him and his potential new girlfriend Kate Hudson doesn't seem to let down.

Nick Jonas

Kate Hudson Ditches Nick Jonas For Having ‘Had Sex and Drank A Lot’ In Real Life?

Trending News 01.29.16 | 12:20AM EST

Kate Hudson may have ditched Nick Jonas for his bad habits.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Forgets Kate Hudson As She Denies Relationship At Golden Globes 2016

Trending News 01.18.16 | 01:29AM EST

It might be wise for Nick Jonas to forget about Kate Hudson since she decided to move on from him.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Flirts With Victoria’s Secret Models To Forget Olivia Culpo And Kate Hudson?

Trending News 12.16.15 | 01:20PM EST

Nick Jonas certainly has a thing for models so it was no surprise that he jumped at the chance to flirt heavily with Victoria's Secret models.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Reconsiders Ex Girlfriend Olivia Culpo After Being ‘Dumped’ By Kate Hudson?

Trending News 12.04.15 | 11:47AM EST

Nick Jonas had a lot to ponder about this Thanksgiving weekend and one of his thoughts may have been about his ex girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Culpo at the 2015 InStyle Awards - Red Carpet.

Olivia Culpo And Tim Tebow Break Up After Just Months? Was Nick Jonas The Reason?

Trending News 11.30.15 | 11:15AM EST

Olivia Culpo and Tim Tebow have reportedly split because they can’t agree on one thing about their apparent relationship.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Reflects On Kate Hudson Over Thanksgiving, Tour With Demi Lovato Takes Priority?

Trending News 11.26.15 | 12:10AM EST

Nick Jonas probably had a lot to think about over this Thanksgiving weekend.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Flirts With Jade Thirlwall, Competes With Harry Styles As He Leaves Kate Hudson Behind?

Trending News 11.19.15 | 02:40AM EST

Nick Jonas is heavily flirting with Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix, which shows that he has now completely left behind Kate Hudson drama.

Nick Jonas

Demi Lovato Hits On Nick Jonas As Tour Ramps Up, Kate Hudson Drama Far Behind ‘Levels’ Singer?

Trending News 11.09.15 | 12:00AM EST

Nick Jonas must be aware that his tour partner Demi Lovato is subtly hitting on him as their joint tour is ramping up.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Joins Demi Lovato Tour To Escape Kate Hudson Dating Rumor And Disney World Spotting?

Trending News 10.28.15 | 02:10AM EDT

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are having a joint tour.

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas Tour Kicks Off On June 24

Trending News 02.23.16 | 12:50PM EST

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas Tour: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas announced that their FUTURE NOW: THE TOUR. The North American tour will kick off on June 24, 2016. Demi will perform songs from the critically acclaimed new album on "Good Morning America" (Oct. 29) as well as "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" (Oct. 30).

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Figures Out Sexuality With Supportive Ex Selena Gomez And Kate Hudson

Trending News 10.21.15 | 11:34AM EDT

Nick Jonas is trying to figure out his sexuality onscreen and he couldn't have asked for more supportive girls around him.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Wants To ‘Have Sex’ With Music Not Kate Hudson As Selena Gomez Recovers

Trending News 10.12.15 | 03:10AM EDT

Nick Jonas declared that he wants to "have sex", but not with any girl like Kate Hudson or Selena Gomez - with his own music!

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez Slam Fall Out Rumors? Appearing Together At An Event Soon?

Trending News 10.07.15 | 09:38PM EDT

Demi Lovato defended her friendship with Selena Gomez after rumors surfaced last week that they had another fallout. She even took to social media to explain as reports surfaced they will be performing on the same event soon.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas ‘Single And Loving Life’ With Kate Hudson Despite Girlfriend And Dating Rumors

Trending News 10.07.15 | 03:00AM EDT

Nick Jonas, the recently single and ready mingle, may have just relegated Kate Hudson to a one-night stand.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Complicates Dating History With Kate Hudson, ‘Levels’ Singer Likes Older Woman?

Trending News 10.01.15 | 03:30AM EDT

Nick Jonas is complicating his own dating history by hooking up with Kate Hudson.

Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Culpo Being Romanced By Tim Tebow After Nick Jonas Split? ‘Jealous’ Singer Affected?

Trending News 09.26.15 | 02:35PM EDT

Olivia Culpo seemed to be moving on after her painful breakup with Nick Jonas. The former Miss Universe was reportedly now dating football player, Tim Tebow.

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas.

Jonas Brothers To Have A Reunion In Nick Jonas' New Album? 'Levels' Singer Speaks Up!

Trending News 09.25.15 | 01:51AM EDT

The Jonas Brothers have been apart as a band for quite some time now. But with their individual successes finally coming, is a reunion also happening soon?

Nick Jonas

Selena Gomez Takes Nick Jonas Seriously After Neil Patrick Harris Approval?

Trending News 09.18.15 | 04:50AM EDT

Selena Gomez may now take another look at her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas now that he has been approved by Neil Patrick Harris.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Picked As Next Justin Timberlake By Jay Z, Too Busy To Look For New Girlfriend?

Trending News 09.08.15 | 12:24PM EDT

Nick Jonas has been hand picked as the next Justin Timberlake by the most powerful man of the music industry - Jay Z!

Oliva Culpo and Nick Jonas at the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards Arrivals.

Nick Jonas Searches For New Girlfriend At Miss America Contest, Ex Olivia Culpo Gets Offended?

Trending News 08.27.15 | 02:36AM EDT

Nick Jonas has a knack for getting himself involved in beauty contests.

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