Kim Nam-Gil as the main character in the

‘Pandora’ is still the highest grossing film in Korea; Climbing Top 10 in the world's box-office

Headlines 12.20.16 | 11:17AM EST

Disaster thriller movie “Pandora” continued its domination in the Korean box office for two weeks consecutively. While in international market, the movie has climbed to the Top 10 box-office list

The official poster of the movie

Disaster movie “Pandora” dominates the weekend box office

Hot Issues 12.13.16 | 08:58PM EST

“Pandora” is the new disaster movie from the same company that produces “Train to Busan” Next Entertainment World (NEW). The movie took control the Korean box office in its debut with 1.1 million admissions.

Upcoming Movie: Pandora

'Pandora' features Kim Nam-gil as typical guy-turned hero amid nuclear disaster

Stars on TV / Movies 12.12.16 | 12:50PM EST

Pandora, a movie directed by Park Jung-woo, portrays the disaster caused by nuclear energy. Kim Nam-gil is playing the lead role, an ordinary power plant employee-turned-hero.

korean actress kang so ra 1st look magazine december 2015 photos

Kang So Ra Looks Brilliant Wearing Holiday Jewelry In 1st Look

Fashion & Style 11.25.15 | 09:05AM EST

Kang So Ra starred in "Look At Me" for the December issue of 1st Look. The beauty modeled evening attire with fall accessories by international Danish jewelry brand Pandora.


Dark Horse Comics' 'Avatar' Is The New Partnership With James Cameron, More Of Pandora To Explore

Trending News 10.14.15 | 10:53PM EDT

How much content from the comics will be in the movie?

Korean Actress Moon Chae Won InStyle Magazine October 2015 Photoshoot Fashion

Moon Chae Won Sparkles With Pandora Jewelry In InStyle

Fashion & Style 10.02.15 | 08:49AM EDT

Actress Moon Chae Won became an autumn goddess for the October issue of InStyle. The beauty presented sparkling Pandora jewelry from the brand's latest collection.

Pharrell Williams Lawyer Threatens YouTube

Irving Azoff News: Music Industry Heavyweight, Representing Pharrell Williams And Others Threatens To Take Off 20,000 Songs From YouTube In A $1 Billion Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Trending News 12.24.14 | 10:40AM EST

According to Irving Azoff, founder of the licensing management firm Global Music Rights, video-sharing website YouTube does not have legal rights to play around 20, 000 songs by his clients including Williams and The Eagles. However, Irving Azoff's clients are finding the takedown process to be frustrating.

KARA Steals the Show with 'Pandora' on SBS 'Inkigayo'

KARA Steals the Show with "Pandora" on Inkigayo

Headlines 10.01.12 | 01:18PM EDT

KARA transformed their image and ended their activity with a good performance.

'The Curse of September?' Girl Groups Caught up In Various Controversies

'The Curse of September?' Girl Groups Caught up In Various Controversies

Headlines 09.21.12 | 03:07AM EDT

Many girl groups have come back in September after the success of the 2012 London Olympics in August.

KARA Opens ‘Pandora’ at ‘M Countdown’ on September 9

K-Pop Review: Pandora by KARA

Headlines 09.20.12 | 02:57PM EDT

"KARA made their comeback with mini album, 'Pandora,' and with their new title track the girls introduced to fans a new more adult, and sexy image."

KARA's New Album Ranks First Place in Taiwan Mobile Chart

Headlines 09.18.12 | 01:18PM EDT

KARA's entire album ranked first place in Taiwan mobile chart.

KARA to Join 'M! Countdown Smile Thailand' Show along with Super Junior-SISTAR-INFINITE

KARA to Join 'M Countdown Smile Thailand' Show along with Super Junior-SISTAR-INFINITE

Headlines 09.14.12 | 05:45PM EDT

Girl group KARA will be joining other artists such as Super Junior, SISTAR and INFINITE for the Thailand performance for Mnet "M! Countdown."

KARA Decorates Ending of 'Inkigayo'

KARA Decorates Ending of 'Inkigayo'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.11.12 | 04:04PM EDT

KARA decorated the ending song of "Inkigayo" showing their popularity.

kang ji young kara group picture

Kang Jiyoung Reveals KARA's Group Picture In Celebration of 'Pandora' Placing First

Headlines 09.08.12 | 04:34AM EDT

Girl group KARA's Kang Jiyoung shared the happiness of placing 1st place with her members.

KARA Dances Psy's

KARA Dances Psy's "Gangnam Style" After Winning Number 1 on Music Bank!

Headlines 09.07.12 | 09:25PM EDT

Girl group KARA has won first place on KBS "Music Bank."

KARA Kang Jiyoung,

KARA Kang Jiyoung, "Our Sexy Concept Performance Outfits are a Bit too Much for Me"

Interviews 09.06.12 | 11:42PM EDT

Girl group KARA's youngest member Kang Jiyoung expresses how awkward it was to perform in sexy outfits.

KARA Opens ‘Pandora’ at ‘M Countdown’ on September 9

KARA Opens ‘Pandora’ at ‘M Countdown’ on September 6 [18PHOTOS]

Etc 09.06.12 | 05:54PM EDT

KARA Opens ‘Pandora’ at ‘M Countdown’ on September 6 [18PHOTOS]

Kang Jiyoung MV Behind the Scenes Released

KARA Kang Jiyoung's MV Behind the Scene Released

Etc 09.06.12 | 02:43PM EDT

Kang Jiyoung's music video behind the scene photos were released.

KARA's Essence of Seduction with

KARA's Essence of Seduction with "Pandora" Performance

Headlines 08.31.12 | 10:58PM EDT

Girl group KARA shows seduces the audience with their sexy performance.

KARA Returns on "M! Countdown" with Shocking Nude Outfits

Headlines 08.30.12 | 02:55PM EDT

Girl group KARA makes their comeback stage on Mnet "M! Countdown" with their new song, "Pandora."

KARA gets Hit with 4 Strikes Just One Week After Making Come Back

KARA gets Hit with 4 Strikes Just One Week After Making Come Back

Headlines 08.28.12 | 02:20PM EDT

With KARA's comeback of only one week, they have been hit with 4 negative strikes.

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