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'Pandora' features Kim Nam-gil as typical guy-turned hero amid nuclear disaster

By Jaideep Lalchandani | December 12, 2016 12:50 PM EST


Park Jung-woo's new thriller film 'Pandora' releasing this December, portraying a disaster of untold proportions rocks the Korean Peninsula. Kim Nam-gil (Memoir of a Murderer) and Kim Myung-min (Proof of Innocence) are signed as the actors. It took 4 years to write, film and produce this movie which proclaims a strong message against the proliferation of Nuclear Energy. 

The plot of the story revolves around the strong tremor in September which destroyed Fukushima, Japan, its ripples causes a nuclear power plant explosion in Korea. Hysteria is caused by ensuing radiation and clouds of ash. The nation suffers from a scandal involving President Park Geun-hye, her confident Choi Soon-sil and their cronies who interfere in state affairs because of their Political powers as they want to deny reality in order to protect Korea's image so that their economic investments are not endangered.

Meanwhile, the radiation spreads around the population, creating a number of victims. The control center senses the second explosion approaching, they dispatch a group of employees from the power plant on a fatal mission to stop it or either die trying. 

The movie starring veteran actor Kim Nam-gil as Jae-hyuk, who is happy-go-lucky by nature. An ordinary power plant employee who becomes a hero as he enters into this risky mission to save his family and fellow citizens of Korea. Kim Myung-min plays the President, who is helpless because of the top level greedy puppet-masters. 

Pandora considered being a meaningful movie as it raises alarms by describing the danger of disaster in great detail. It tells us that not only the area where the nuclear disaster takes place is affected but its impact can be observed at places around 100 kms to it.

Pandora premiers in Korea on Wednesday, December 7. The Cast for the Movie is below:

  • Kim Nam-Gil: Jae-Hyeok
  • Kim Young Ae: Madame Suk
  • Moon Jeong-Hee: Jung-Hye
  • Jung Jin-Young: Pyung-Sub
  • Koon Kyoung-Young: Prime Minister
  • Kang Shin- :Mr. Kong
  • Kim Dae-Myung: Dae-Sub
  • Yoo Seung-Mok: Mr. Gam
  • Kim Joo-Hyun: Yeon-Joo
  • Kim Myung-Min: South Korean President
  • Kwak In-Joon: Head of Foreign Cooperation
  • Park Sun-Hee: Mr. Gam's Wife
  • Eo Sung-Wook: Dae Soo-Won

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