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Anna confessed her love to Je-Ha who was unconscious in

“The K2” Episode 13 & 14; Another lies is made for Se-Joon lies for political gain; Je-Ha holds the key information of the corrupt politicians.

K-Drama 11.08.16 | 08:47PM EST

The catfight between Se-Joon and Park Gwan-Soo intensified with more complication. While Je-HA held key information about corrupted politicians’ activities in a USB drive.

Still image from the closing scene of “The K2” episode 12 when Yoo-Jin admitted that Anna is his husband’s daughter.

Drama 'The K2’ Episodes 11 & 12 display a sly political intrigue

Reviews 11.03.16 | 09:50PM EDT

Yoo-Jin and Park Gwan-Soo played a great political game in “The K2” Episodes 11 and 12. Yoo-Jin used her sly tactic to dodge the obstacle that can be used against her husban.,

Still image from behind the scene of “The K2” drama. Ji Chang-Wook is in close up, while Song Yoon-Ah (L), Im Yoona and Shin Dong-Mi is taking a selfie.

'The K2' update, spoilers: Failed assassination on representative Park; Yoo-Jin may be the one who killed Anna’s mother

Trending News 11.01.16 | 01:33PM EDT

In “The K2” drama episode 11, Yoo-Jin failed to assassinate representative Park. While Anna began to remembered that Yoo-Jin may have been the one who killed her mother, Um Hye-Rin.

The romantic kissing scene between Je-Ha and Anna is enough to ease the tension in the high pace

Romantic kissing scene between Je-Ha and Anna ease the tension in 'The K2' episode 10

K-Drama 10.25.16 | 11:30PM EDT

After a roller coaster ride in the previous episodes, "The K2" episode 10 ease the tension with a romantic kissing scene between Je-Ha and Anna under the blanket.


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