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TWICE's 'TT' Is Now The Most Viewed K-Pop Girl Group MV Of All Time

Hot Issues 05.09.17 | 01:32PM EDT

TWICE's "TT" just beat Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" for the most viewed K-Pop girl group of all time. Check it out!

EXO's Chanyeol, Baekhyun and BTS' Suga & Jin

WATCH: EXO's Chanyeol, Baekhyun and BTS' Suga & Jin Can't Help But Groove To TWICE's "TT"

Headlines 03.14.17 | 06:01PM EDT

EXO's Chanyeol, Baekhyun and BTS' Suga & Jin break out the signature "TT" pose when TWICE's song comes on for fashion event.

5 Most Number of Views of Kpop groups on YouTube after 24 hours of its release.

Five Most Viewed Of K-Pop Groups After 24 Hours Of Its Release On YouTube

Hot Issues 03.13.17 | 06:29PM EDT

The number of views of new MV of K-Pop groups has been increasing. Watch the most 5 viewed after 24 hours of its release on YouTube here!

Shawn Mendez a fan of TWICE

Shawn Mendes Is A TWICE Fanboy? Ludacris, Dakota Fanning, Nina Dobrev Admit to K-pop Love

Headlines 03.08.17 | 04:08AM EST

Shawn Mendes seems to be bitten by the hallyu bug along with other celebrities after he has been spotted breaking out the TT signature hand gesture in several occasions. He joins other celebrities like Dakota Fanning, Ludacris, Nina Dobrev, Dakota Fanning who admitted to listening to K-pop.

Poster from TWICE agency JYP Entertainment to celebrate the 100 million views of their music video

TWICE breaks another record! Reaching 100 million views in YouTube in 71 days

Headlines 01.03.17 | 09:39PM EST

JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE breaks another record with their music video “TT.” The music video has reached 100 million views in YouTube in 71 days after being released.

Song Ji Hyu at SBS

TWICE Makes Song Ji Hyo Dance at SBS Entertainment Awards

Headlines 12.27.16 | 12:05PM EST

At the SBS Entertainment Awards 2016, Song Ji Hyo was seen crying as well as enjoying the show despite the controversies over the show 'Running Man' going around. She was cheered up by the girl's group TWICE. She also became emotional during the acceptance speech by Lee Kwang Soo.

TWICE is the hottest girl group in Korea.They have broken another record in album sales in two music charts.

TWICE breaks two sales records with their second album 'TWICEcoaster: Lane 1

Hot Issues 12.20.16 | 11:15AM EST

JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE has become the best selling Korean artist throughout 2016. It breaks two records in the album sales.

TWICE is said to appear in one of the upcoming episodes of Running Man.

Running Man Spoiler: TWICE to be on next episode

Trending News 11.17.16 | 11:36PM EST

TWICE is said to appear in one of the upcoming episodes of Running Man.

Members of TWICE takes picture in the dressing room before their performance.

TWICE tops the chart and breaks the YouTube record with their new single “TT”

Hot Issues 11.15.16 | 12:53AM EST

Girl group TWICE tops the chart in Korea with the single “TT” and they also breaks the record in YouTube.

Twice Wins on Show Champion

Twice Wins 'Show Champion' Plus Releases Dance Practice And MV Making

Headlines 11.03.16 | 05:12AM EDT

Twice has won at yesterday's MBC 'Show Champion'. JYP has also posted their dance practice for "TT" and its and MV making.

Twice setting new records left and right: MV views + album sales and Twice TV 4

Trending News 10.31.16 | 10:58AM EDT

Twice has set the record for girl groups by reaching the highest album sales this year. They have also set the record for fastest K-Pop group to have 10 million and 20 million views in YouTube in just a span of days.

Twice 'TT' music video

Onces And Twice Are Definitely Not “TT” Because MV Has Reached 6M In A Day

Headlines 10.24.16 | 10:06PM EDT

Twice did it! Though they did not broke BTS' record for a kpop video with most views in just a day, they did make a record for girl groups. Twice's new music video "TT" got almost six million views in just 24 hours.

Fan Theories About The 'To Be Continued' Status Of Twice's 'TT' MV

Fan Theories About The 'To Be Continued' Status Of Twice's 'TT' MV

Hot Issues 10.24.16 | 06:32AM EDT

Fans are forming theories and lots of other baseless rumors about Twice's "TT" music video. There is a popular one about Somi joining Twice.

Review of 'TWICEcoaster : LANE 1'

[Album Review] TWICE takes fans to different genre in their 'TWICEcoaster: LANE 1'

Trending News 10.24.16 | 01:42AM EDT

This is the author's personal opinion about TWICE's new album "TWICEcoaster: LANE 1". TWICE delivers again with their third mini album.

Twice releases

Twice Comes Back With 'TT' And Immediately Achieves All-Kill

Headlines 10.24.16 | 01:30AM EDT

Twice has finally released their newest song "TT". JYP's new super rookie Twice has slay-ed their fans more than their name implies.

Twice MV Teaser For 'TT'

Twice Releases 2nd Video Teaser For 'TT' Comeback

Trending News 10.20.16 | 10:49PM EDT

Twice has reelased another music video teaser for "TT" comeback. The members are all cute and bubbly in said teaser.


Twice Reveals Official Lightstick, Candy Bong Plus Releases Video Teaser For “TT” Comeback

Headlines 10.19.16 | 11:15PM EDT

Twice hjas released another teaser for "TT" comeback and it a video of two cute littel kids. They have also released their official lightstick and it looks like a candy.



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