Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (Aug 11- Aug 16)

Buzz 08.18.14 | 07:29AM EDT

K-Pop eye candy for all you fans - directly from the stars themselves

2NE1 Dara, Support For Junior Group WINNER

Buzz 08.18.14 | 02:48AM EDT

2NE1's member Dara supported Winner for their debut stage.

5 K-Pop Girl Group Rivalries

Features 08.17.14 | 11:04AM EDT

Girl groups have battled it out in K-Pop for years.

CL Takes A Photo With Queen Brian May

Buzz 08.17.14 | 03:28AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1 member CL took a picture with Brian May from Queen.

WINNER Responds To Fan Feedback On Debut Album

Headlines 08.16.14 | 02:51PM EDT

WINNER shared their thoughts regarding their impressive debut.

2NE1 CL "씨엘" New Single!! 나쁜기집애 - "Baddest Female" Inspired Make-Up

Trendz 08.16.14 | 02:00PM EDT

This is a makeup tutorial inspired by 2NE1 CL New single "Baddest Female. Enjoy!

2NE1 Dara Transforms Into a Refined Lady For Clio Professional

Fashion & Style 08.15.14 | 06:28AM EDT

Dara toned down her wild side a bit for her photo shoot with cosmetics brand Clio Professional.

A New Trend Of 'Label Concerts' Is It Working And Will It Keep Working?

Features 08.15.14 | 06:22AM EDT

August 15 will be the day of the 'NOW FESTIVAL 2014' concert, the YG Family concert.

CL, Lasting Friendship With Jeremy Scott 'Fashionista'

Buzz 08.14.14 | 12:22AM EDT

2NE1's member CL revealed her lasting friendship with the designer Jeremy Scott.

2NE1 Minzy Shares An Upgraded Looks Selfie

Buzz 08.13.14 | 09:49AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1 Minzy shared a picture with upgraded looks.

2NE1 Minzy, Long Straight Hair "I Miss My Fans"

Buzz 08.13.14 | 01:24AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's member Minzy revealed a self-camera photo full of matured beauty.

2NE1's 'I Am The Best' To Be The BGM For U.S. Microsoft's New Commercial

Buzz 08.12.14 | 09:23AM EDT

Group 2NE1's hit song, "I Am The Best" has been chosen to be used for Microsoft's new commercial.

G-Dragon & CL Will Be Featured In Skrillex 'Dirty Vibe' Music Video

Headlines 08.12.14 | 06:51AM EDT

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL will be featured in the new Skrillex video for ‘Dirty Vibe.’

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (Aug 4- Aug 9)

Features 08.11.14 | 06:33AM EDT

Eye candy to satisfy your K-Pop cravings - straight from your favorite K-Pop idols' Instagram accounts!

2NE1 Sandara Park Shares A Fun Photo From The Philipines

Buzz 08.10.14 | 05:22PM EDT

Girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park posted a picture from the Philipines.

2NE1 CL Appears On V-Files And Shares Her Dressing Room

Stars on TV / Movies 08.10.14 | 05:15PM EDT

Girl group 2NE1 shared their room full of fashion items and clothes.

2NE1 - I Love You Music Video Inspired Nails Tutorial (Park Bom)

Trendz 08.10.14 | 01:01PM EDT

Here is a nailart design inspired by Park Bom from the music video of their video "I love you". Enjoy!

2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION - Concert Outfits!

Trendz 08.10.14 | 12:53PM EDT

Steal the style of 2NE1 in their New Evolution Concert and create a look of your own and add a little twist of your style.

2NE1 Park Bom Inspired Nails - Falling in Love MV

Trendz 08.08.14 | 01:44PM EDT

Here is an inspired nail looks from 2NE1's new Falling in Love music video featuring Park Bom's nail art manicure. Enjoy!

2ne1 CL Makeup Tutorial -- "Gotta Be You" Kpop Inspired/ NYX FACE AWARDS 2014 TOP 20

Trendz 08.08.14 | 01:38PM EDT

Here is 2ne1 CL Makeup Tutorial "Gotta Be You" Kpop Inspired. Enjoy!

2ne1 without Makeup

Trendz 08.08.14 | 11:01AM EDT

The group really plays an important role in Korean showbiz industry. In this video it shows how they look like during the time that they don't have make up and any apps that make them different from others. This show that they are beautiful no matter what it takes.

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