Blackjacks Cry For 2NE1 'Gotta Be You' Music Video Premiere

Hot Issues 04.18.14 | 12:37PM EDT

As 2NE1 continues their world tour and promotions, one thing that is distinctly missing is the promised "Gotta Be You" music video.

YG FAMILY – 2014 World Tour : Power In Japan

Concert / Performance 04.18.14 | 11:59AM EDT

YG FAMILY – 2014 World Tour : Power In Japan

Review: Postmodern Jukebox Vocalist Robyn Adele Anderson Reexamines 'Come Back Home' By 2NE1 [VIDEO]

Reviews 04.17.14 | 04:07PM EDT

"Come Back Home" by 2NE1 draws inspiration from not only a variety of American songs, but a variety of genres as well.

Watch The 2NE1 'All Or Nothing' Shanghai Lap Dance Segment Featuring The YG Kwon Twins!

Headlines 04.17.14 | 12:31PM EDT

As 2NE1 continues their "All or Nothing" world tour, their sensual lap dance segment is catching everyone's attention.

9 Reasons Why Tablo's Daughter is the Luckiest Little Girl

Features 04.17.14 | 08:54AM EDT

9 Reasons Why Tablo's Daughter is the Luckiest Little Girl

2, 3, 4 Songs… Why Does YG Release Multiple Title Songs?

Features 04.17.14 | 08:53AM EDT

2NE1 had 2, Akdong Musician had 3, and G-Dragon had 4 title songs.

2NE1 Dara, Dressed Up As Big Bang TOP? 'Doom Dara'

Buzz 04.17.14 | 04:58AM EDT

Group 2NE1's member Dara wore Big Bang TOP's fashion, catching much attention.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of April 7 - April 13)

Headlines 04.17.14 | 01:25AM EDT

Korean news media that has shown up here in the US for the week of April 7 - 13, 2014.

2NE1 Dara-G-Dragon, Picture At YG Family Concert

Buzz 04.16.14 | 07:58AM EDT

2NE1's member Dara and Big Bang's member G-Dragon revealed a picture together.

WINNER, Big Bang Cover 2NE1 At YG Family Concert [VIDEO]!

Headlines 04.15.14 | 03:14PM EDT

There's a lot of love for 2NE1 right now, and no one shows it more than members of the YG Family!

‘Roommate’ 2NE1 Bom’s Identity? UEO! ‘Unidentified Entertainment Object’

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.14 | 09:23AM EDT

Girl group 2NE1's Bom will be starring in SBS entertainment program "Roommate."

YG Artists To Perform On Same Stage As Lady Gaga At 'AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.14 | 09:12AM EDT

YG Entertainment artists Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and others will be performing at the same concert as top star Lady Gaga.

2NE1 Dara, Picture With Tablo's Daughter Haru

Buzz 04.13.14 | 08:01PM EDT

2NE1's member Dara revealed a picture with Tablo's daughter Haru.

[KpopStarz One Global K! Chart] Akdong Musician, Orange Caramel, 2NE1, Girls' Generation, And More; Who Ranks #1 This Week?

Headlines 04.13.14 | 06:49PM EDT

Who made it on our chart for the week of April 7, 2014?

2NE1 Shine On Stage During Their First Solo Concert In Shanghai

Headlines 04.13.14 | 01:07AM EDT


2NE1 Snatches #1 On Gaon Digital Chart

Headlines 04.12.14 | 04:35AM EDT

2NE1's 2nd studio album 'Crush' has been receiving positive feedback moments after its release. How did it fare in the Gaon Digital Chart for the month of March? What other artists/singles was it competing against?

2NEXO: Love Between 2NE1 And EXO Amidst 'Crush' And 'Overdose' Buzz [VIDEO]!

Features 04.11.14 | 12:56PM EDT

As 2NE1 continues to dominate with "Crush" and EXO prepares for their comeback, a very interesting video has surfaced online.


Headlines 04.11.14 | 02:04AM EDT

Group 2NE1's member CL revealed her curvy body.

2NE1's Dara Discusses Having A Thin Figure And Comfortable Style

Interviews 04.10.14 | 07:45AM EDT


K-Pop Concerts & Idol Showcases U.S. Audiences Would Love To See

Features 04.10.14 | 07:33AM EDT

2014 may deliver more K-Pop concerts to the United States than ever before. Who are some of the most wanted performers that American fans of K-Pop want to see?

First Quarter Analysis Of The K-Pop Scene

Headlines 04.10.14 | 06:58AM EDT

The first quarter of K-Pop has already passed, and it's time to see what the trends were in K-Pop for the first three months of 2014.

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