G-Dragon & Sandara Park Dating: What Was Sandara's Sweet Message To Rumored Boyfriend At His Concert?

Headlines 06.20.17 | 06:09PM EDT

"One Step" star Sandara Park was spotted at G-Dragon's concert, sparking fresh dating rumors between the two YG artists.


G-Dragon Drops First Teaser for Upcoming Album 'Kwon Ji Yong' To Be Released in June

Headlines 05.31.17 | 07:16AM EDT

G-Dragon just dropped the first teaser image for his upcoming album "Kwon Ji yong" to be released on June 8.


Dara Leaves Filipino Fans Wanting More After 'One Step' Showing in The Philippines

Headlines 05.18.17 | 11:30AM EDT

Dara left her Filipino fans wanting for more after watching her debut movie "One Step" as it was shown recently in the country.


Minzy, Somi Reveals How Tiresome Music Video Filming Could Be In Recent 'Unnie's Slam Dunk 2' Episode

Headlines 05.15.17 | 11:17AM EDT

Minzy and Somi shares to their co-Unnies member how tiresome filming an MV can get on recent "Unnie's Slam Dunk 2" episode.

Minzy On KBS

Minzy Reveals Having No Memories of Her School Days In Recent 'Unnie's Slam Dunk 2' Episode

Stars on TV / Movies 05.13.17 | 11:32AM EDT

Minzy revealed during the May 12 episode of "Unnie's Slam Dunk 2" that she has no memory of her school days because she was set on becoming an idol.

Somi, Unnies

Somi Express Thanks For Achieving All-Kill Feat With Unnies' 'Right?' [WATCH]

Headlines 05.15.17 | 11:13AM EDT

Somi expressed her thanks for the fans that made Unnies' "Right?" achieve an all-kill status, beating Psy's "I Luv It"

2NE1's Minzy's Shift From Girl Group To Solo Career

2NE1's Minzy's Shift From Girl Group To Solo Career

Hot Issues 04.28.17 | 03:50AM EDT

2NE1's former member, Minzy has just debuted her solo career. Continue to read on if you want to know more about her challenging transition process.

Minzy From 2NE1 Gets Solo Debut With New EP

Minzy From 2NE1 Gets Solo Debut With New EP

Hot Issues 04.28.17 | 03:38AM EDT

Former 2NE1 member, Minzy, is in for some good time as she just debuted as a solo artist.

The Likelihood Of A Sandara Park Korean-Filipino Collaboration

The Likelihood Of A Sandara Park Korean-Filipino Collaboration

Hot Issues 04.24.17 | 05:55AM EDT

Sandara Park is home to two different countries, South Korea and the Philippines. This leads us to the possibility of having a Korean-Filipino music collaboration in the future.

Gong Minzy Releases Her Firs Mini-Album

Gong Minzy On Her Post-2NE1 Life: The Singer Admits She Feels Much Appreciated In Music Works

Stars on TV / Movies 04.18.17 | 08:33AM EDT

Gong Minzy compares her new agency, Music Works, with YG Entertainment. Which one is better?


Dara Reveals Living A Positive Mindset In Interview With 'Ten Asia"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.07.17 | 04:45AM EDT

Dara recently sat with Ten Asia for an interview and revealed how she wants to be like her role model Uhm Jung Hwa and how she is going to live life positively.


Dara Defends Herself Amidst Criticisms On 'One Step' Performance

Stars on TV / Movies 04.06.17 | 06:34AM EDT

Dara backs herself up amidst the criticisms she got during her performance in her first movie "One Step"

Gong Minzy Releases Her Firs Mini-Album

Gong Minzy Solidifies Her Solo Career With A Concert In Japan

Headlines 04.05.17 | 06:20AM EDT

Gong Minzy announced that she will be holding her first solo concert in Japan next month to promote her upcoming solo mini-album.

Sandara Park

Dara Hopes Of Reuniting With 2NE1 Members: Clears Up Rumors Of 'Bad Blood' With Gong Minzy

Headlines 03.31.17 | 07:17AM EDT

During an interview with Ilgan Sports, Dara expressed her hopes of reuniting with co 2NE1 members in the future.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park Sheds Light on Rumors That Still Haunt 2NE1’s Disbandment

Trending News 03.31.17 | 08:15AM EDT

Sandara Park during an interview for the promotion of her latest film "One Step" in Mar. 30, spoke out on 2NE1's disbandment that while the group disbanded late last year, there are still rumors floating around that there was discord among the group and Gong Minzy.

Sandara Park 'One Step'

Sandara Park News: 'One Step' Gets April Playdate In Korea; Film Gets May 10 Philippine Premiere

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 03:10AM EDT

Sandara Park's will star in her firt Korean movie "One Step" which will hit theaters in Korea on April 6 and the Philippines on May 10.

Sandara Park One Step

Sandara Park News: Former 2NE1 Member Praised For Her Acting & Thoughtfulness On Set of 'One Step'

Headlines 03.22.17 | 03:11AM EDT

Sandara Park shared the challenges of portraying her first starring role in a Korean movie while her director and co-star praise her for her acting and her thoughtfulness which made filming a lot of fun.


2NE1's 'I Am The Best' Features In SyFy's 'The Magicians' Plus Other K-pop Hits Used In US Shows, Movies

Headlines 03.15.17 | 06:13AM EDT

2NE1's track "I am the Best" was recently featured in American TV show "The Magicians."

Sandara Park 'One Step'

Sandara Park News & Updates: Sandara Releases 'One Step' Movie Trailer On Twitter; Fans Impressed By Her Vocals

Headlines 03.15.17 | 06:07AM EDT

Sandara Park releases the trailer of her upcoming movie "One Step" via Twitter and earns praise for her impressive vocals. The film which is the Korean version of 'Begin Again" is expected to open next month.

Sandara Park

Dara Uploads Pictures Spanning 7-Year Difference & Looked Like She Never Aged A Day!

Headlines 03.15.17 | 06:06AM EDT

Dara recently uploaded her passport pictures from 2010 and 2017 yet she looked like she haven't aged a day.

Gong Minzy Debuts As Solo Artist With New Single After 2NE1 Split

Gong Minzy Debuts As Solo Artist With New Single After 2NE1 Split

Hot Issues 03.10.17 | 07:09AM EST

Gong Minzy, who was once a member of 2NE1, will be having her new single as she debuts in her solo career.

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