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Super Junior's Kyuhyun to make comeback this November with new solo album

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 20, 2016 11:11 PM EDT

For the ELFs out there, it's no secret that Super Junior hasn't been exposed much as of late which is not really a problem since most of their members are currently inactive. But if you feel like you've been waiting forever to hear something new from the Kpop group, you would be glad to know that member Kyuhyun is working on a solo comeback.

As reported by Allkpop, Kyuhyun's home agency SM Entertainment has confirmed that the 28-year old singer is indeed working on a new solo album. "Kyuhyun is currently working on a new solo album with the goal of being released this November. He is currently working with Sung Si Kyung who would help him as composer." SM Entertainment said.

Sung Si Kyung is a veteran singer who has produced numerous hits since his debut in 2001 and everyone knows that Kyuhyun is a big fan of the said singer. In fact, he has done numerous impressions of Sung Si Kyung in the past. So the whole collaboration itself will surely be meaningful for the Super Junior member.

Kyuhyun's last solo album was released back in October 2015, almost a year after he released his first mini album. Once completed, this new album will be his third fall album and fans all around the world will surely be thrilled to know that the talented singer is once again making a comeback.

But aside from his upcoming solo album, it has also been announced that Kyuhyun will also be returning to television as he is set to join the variety show New Journey to the West 3 along with WINNER's Song Min-ho. The news came from the people of tvN network themselves, reports Yonhap.

Out of all the Super Junior members, only Kyuhyun, Heechul, Leeteuk and Yesung are active while almost all the other members have enlisted in each of their own Mandatory Military Service. Kyuhyun himself is yet to enlist and he may be doing just that next year.

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