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Girl’s Day Might Disband But Not Because Of Member Discord Says Hyeri

By jasmooOnce | January 15, 2017 07:31 PM EST

It has been so long since Girl's Day has come back and fans are worrying that the four-member girl group might disband this year.

It has been reported by Allkpop that Girl's Day maknae, Hyeri, has stated that they are being very cautious for their comeback song.

"Girl's Day's hiatus has become too long. We receive a lot of song offers but our hiatus continued to get longer as we're being very thoughtful about finding the right song for Girl's Day. As much as we've taken a long hiatus, all the members are pressured to bring satisfaction to our fans. We're also sorry to our fans because we know that they're waiting." Hyeri said.

Hyeri also mentioned the '7 year jinx'.  She stated, "The unnies and I talk a lot about this topic." She then emphasized that the group will stay together, saying, "We are facing disbandment because of any hurt feelings among the members, it will never happen."

Comments on Netizen Buzz were agreeing with Hyeri. Many of them think that Girl's day members have real sisterly bond between them. The comment "I saw them once at a CF recording and they did seem like sisters... quite jealous" has many upvotes. Another comment, "Yeah, Girl's Day seem more like sisters" has also a lot of upvotes meaning people are believing in their friendship

Moreover, a commenter said, "Maybe because they overcame all their difficulties together but they seem more like a family than strangers when they're on TV. I hope they can promote together for a long time~" Another commenter said, "They really do look close ㅋ hope you maintain that~~ ^^"

There were also netizens who commented about the members' personalities and how it makes them perfect. One comment stated, "You have easygoing Yura, friendly Hyeri, balance maker Sojin, and bright personality Minah... not one negative member on the team ㅋ"

Meanwhile, for fans who are waiting for their comeback, it looks like they have to wait for more because Hyeri did not specifically talk about a date. 

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