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GOT7 News & Updates: Mark Speaks of 'Disappointment', Adds 'As Long As We Have Our Fans, It’s All Okay'

By Eddwyn A. | March 20, 2017 08:27 AM EDT

In their recent fan meeting, GOT7's Mark shared his feelings regarding their most recent comeback. He thanked the fans who were there for the group through thick and thin.

According to Koreaboo, GOT7 held a fan meeting to celebrate their recent comeback with their latest addition to the "Flight Log" series, "Flight Log: Arrival." The fan meeting was also streamed online.

On one part of the meeting, Mark took a few moments to express his gratefulness to all the fans. At one point of his speech, he compared GOT7 along with the other successful groups under their agency, JYP Entertainment.

Mark said that in every album they release, he and the rest of GOT7 members would always set their expectations high. But compared to their other label-mates, their achievements are almost insignificant.

Mark expressed that he and the rest of GOT7 are really not concerned about it. He stated that because of the fans, they are still able to make new music and are still able to stand on stage. Ultimately, he realized that as long as GOT7 has their fans, all is well.

With his statement, fans have reacted to Mark's disappointment through their Twitter accounts. One fan even said that hearing Mark's disappointment made her upset and though that this was also what the rest of GOT7 feels.

Mark and the rest of GOT7 must also be sad, as their other member Jackson, recently got sick and was not able to celebrate with them during their comeback. During a fan meeting on March 11, Jackson was sent to a hospital after vomiting during the event.

JYP Entertainment has then released a statement. The agency decided that Jackson will be taking a break from GOT7. He is expected to rejoin the group after March 19.

In other news, GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival" has peaked across several iTunes albums charts globally. As previously reported, "Flight Log: Arrival" rose to the number one spot in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

GOT7's "Flight Log: Arrival" also made its way to Europe. The album ranked No. 2 in Finland and Norway, and No. 4 in Sweden. The song also reached No. 5 in iTunes albums charts in the United States.

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