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Sandara Park News: 'One Step' Star's Unique Beauty Mask, Elimination Via Death Note In Eventful Running Man Guesting

By Angie Chui | April 11, 2017 10:56 AM EDT

Sandara Park had an eventful return to Running Man when she, Han Jae Suk and Yoon Park appeared as guests in the show to promote their movie "One Step." It was the former 2NE1 member's third time on the show after she appeared with CL, Park Bom and Minzy in the first two guestings.

According to an episode recap of Korean Variety Recaps, Sandara, Han Jae Suk and Park Yoon were tasked to become captains of the three groups for the Booking episode of Running Man. As with the show's format, the teams compete in a series of challenges which culminates in an elimination challenge in the end.

Sandara was reunited with former teammate Jongkook and Jae Suk in the White team. Yoon Park's team is made up of Suk-jin and Lee Kwang-soo and Han Jae Suk's Red Team is made up of Song Ji Hyo and Haha.

 A report by Soompi said that Sandara lost a great opportunity to score for her team when she was beaten to the question by Haha. the question was supposedly what the name of her brother who was also a celebrity.  Sandara could have answered the question easily but her lapse cost her a penalty.

As a result, Sandara had her face covered in flour amid much laughter from the cast and Sandara herself. It proved to be a different kind of beauty treatment for the former 2NE1 member.

The final round would have been a close one for Sandara's team whose mission was related to the prize they chose which was VIP  trips abroad. While the teams had different missions, it turned out that Yoon Park's team's mission actually turned out to be name tag ripping which was a specialty of Kwangsoo.

However,  it turned out that being Kwangsoo's specialty had nothing to do with Sandara's elimination since she was eliminated using the death note, a special power granted to Kwangsoo's team for their earlier win which they conveniently used to White Team's last woman standing - Sandara.

In a surprise twist though, it turned out that all teams completed their missions before Blue Team was able to rip off their name tags. In the end, it was team captain Yoon Park who had to take the water bomb penalty for the team which he did like a good sport.

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