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Celebrity Diet: Lee Tae Im Warns Everyone Not To Follow This Extremely Dangerous Diet Trick

By Inami | April 13, 2017 08:30 PM EDT

Lee Tae Im Extreme Diet
On the latest episode of MBC's "Video Star", actress Lee Tae Im reveals some shocking confessions about her extreme diet trick. (Photo : News/YouTube)

Having a perfect figure is one of the vital things that a celebrity must achieve. It's no wonder that people dig in various celebrity diet trick so they can look as good. Actress Lee Tae Im also believes on the hypothesis religiously that she's willing to starve herself just to look good on screen.

The 30-year-old actress revealed her painful journey to a perfect body on the latest episode of MBC's "Video Star". Lee Tae Im was featured on the episode where the panelists discussed everything about celebrity diet and their secret for a body goal. The discussion grew more intense as Lee Tae Im spilled her extremely dangerous diet trick, as per Korea Boo. As it turns out, Lee Tae Im's diet hack was so dangerous she must warn everyone not to follow it.

Lee Tae Im shocked everyone as she mentioned one of her ultimate celebrity diet tricks is reducing the daily intake of carbohydrate to just three spoons of rice each day. Her friends and family obviously were shocked when they discovered how her body has changed drastically, but not in a good way. It took Oh Chang Suk to tell her she's way too thin to make her ditch her diet and eventually gained 2 to 3 kilos of weight for good.

Even though Lee Tae Im once applied an extremely dangerous plan in her diet, she refused if people consider it as an eating disorder. During the MBC broadcast, Lee Tae Im also took a chance to address the rumor about her taking a plastic surgery saying she barely has time for that, Allkpop reported.

Female celebrities are often worried about not appear as dashing as people expect. That's why they're willing to do anything to look good on TV even it would cost them some serious effects. Countless K-Pop idols have learned it the hard way, including Oh My Girl's JinE, who has to be admitted to a special recovery program to get rid of anorexia after she was found out following an extreme diet trick. 



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